The Cheryl Shops Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Grab some hot chocolate and crank up "All I Want for Christmas Is You," because the Cheryl Shops Holiday Gift Guide 2021 is here! You may notice that this is the earliest I've ever posted a holiday gift guide; I had actually been planning to do that since so many of the items I had wanted to feature last year had already sold out by December. But now perhaps you've heard of the global supply chain crisis, which has been impacting retail inventory since the summer, and has every news outlet urging people to do their holiday shopping early, lest our economy (and the retail industry) suffer! If you are a last-minute shopper, fret not, I'm sure there will still be presents out there. But if you're a get-'er-done-early shopper like I am, it may be wise to take advantage of all the Singles' Day, early Black Friday, and various other sales hitting your inbox. Because once you're done shopping for other people, you get to shop for yourself! So without further ado, here are my favorite gifts for 2021. 

Gifts Under $25

I'm adding a bonus gift for each category this year, something I've personally bought (or received), so first up is the most recent book from Justina Blakeney, otherwise known as The Jungalow, whom I've enthusiastically followed for awhile on the 'gram. This book is about design, but it's also about finding inspiration and being creative in general, and it's made me realize that just because minimalism is considered "good taste," it's just not for me (and I'm not alone). 

The Jungalow: Decorate Wild $20

1. These are kind of like tarot cards, except they were developed by a psychologist and they're meant to help foster conversation about feelings. I feel like they'd be great for someone with a kid (especially a teenager) or anyone that's been going through some STUFF (which, haven't we all?). Also, 50% of the proceeds support communities of color via The Loveland Foundation. 

Feeling Feelings card deck $19.95

2. While I am looking forward to doing many things post-pandemic, I don't know that going to a karaoke bar will ever be one of them. Not to worry, this handy doodad lets you karaoke from the comfort of your own home, lighting setup sold separately. 

Wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone $20.99

3. I don't have a bathtub, but if I did, I can almost guarantee you I'd have one of these for holding my wine glass while getting in and out of the tub, or washing, or turning the page of my book, or whatever else I'd be doing that would interrupt my wine drinking. 

Silicone wine glass holder $9.99

4. We switched to reusable silicone bags about a year ago, and while they were annoying at first, we're now used to them. (I would LOVE some dishwasher-friendly ones if they exist!) Next on the sustainability list: plastic wrap, which these reusable beeswax-and-cotton sheets will hopefully replace. 

Reusable vegan food wraps $18.00

5. I put sunscreen on every morning, but sometimes I find myself eating lunch outside or taking an extra-long walk and wish I had brought some extra with me. This stick is handy enough to throw in any bag or pocket, and because it's a stick, you don't have to worry about it oozing goop (or Supergoop, that is) all over the place. 

Supergoop! Glow Stick SPF 50 $25

6. Etsy is hands down one of my favorite sources for artwork, and I love how accessible and personalize-able Steeped in Words is. Not only are many of the books featured in this print excellent, they're all by Asian authors, and 70% of the proceeds from this (very affordable) work will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate. 

Bookish art print $20

Gifts Under $50

You can certainly wear these slipper-socks around your own home (they're cozy AF), but I love to take them with me when I travel. They come in a suitcase-friendly little pouch that packs up nicely, and not only are my feet toasty, they're protected from whatever grime might be on the floors of the hotel or Airbnb where I'm staying. Win-win!

Bombas Gripper Slipper Socks $40

1. I know interest in chess has skyrocketed since The Queen's Gambit (and call me crazy, but I could barely get through the first episode—am I the only one?) and while it's a Serious Game, I think this chess set makes it all the more fun. Although there might be a learning curve in telling one's rooks from knights. 

Keith Haring chess set $45

2. When I saw this beanie with a built-in headlamp, I immediately thought, "Oh, that's the perfect thing to wear while walking the dog at night so I don't have to whip out the flashlight app on my phone to pick up her poop." And if that's not a specific (and useful) reason to buy this, I don't know what is. 

Head Lightz beanie $29.99

3. There are so many advent calendars out there, so I tried not to feature too many of them, but as someone who drinks three cups of tea a day, this one seemed particularly appealing (and reasonably priced) to me. Would make an excellent mom/mother-in-law/aunt gift as well. 

24 Days of Tea advent calendar $32

4. I'm never going to say no to a cozy new blanket, particularly one with big tassels. You'd be amazed how they can refresh your sofa or bed, and since this one is neutral, it goes with pretty much any decor. 

Bliss Plush Tassel Throw $39.50

5. Now, it may seem slightly ridiculous to pay $30 for what is essentially 5 perfume samples, and if you're a smooth talker, you might be able to finagle all of these for free at a Le Labo counter or store (although I do know that their samples are generally much smaller and don't come with a spray nozzle). But these are Le Labo's 5 best scents and isn't the point of a gift the fact that it's something you wouldn't buy for yourself?

Le Labo Discovery Set $30

6. You can never have too much animal print, and that extends to one's home too. Mine is severely lacking in leopard print, so I think this handy tray would at least get the ball rolling. Plus, have you ever seen something more perfect for serving cocktails? I think not! 

Round Leopard Tray $48

Gifts Under $100

I always joke whenever I feature kitchen appliances here that I'm turning into what's-his-name from Father of the Bride, but seriously, I cannot live without this milk frother—once you've had steamed milk in your coffee, you can't go back. This one also cold-steams for iced cappuccinos and the like. It even works with plant-based milks like Oatly! 

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother $99

1. Novel Mart also sells sweatshirts with names of baked goods, pastas, beer, and cocktails, but my personal favorite is this one, featuring my favorite wine region in the world. Then again, Spritz looks pretty tempting too. 

St. Emilion sweatshirt $60

2. I've been looking for a few more decorative elements to intersperse throughout my bookshelves, and when I came across this one, I literally lol-ed. I don't know what's so particularly funny about a golden garden gnome giving you the middle finger, but there you have it. 

Ottmar Horl gnome sculpture $90

3. It's hard to buy scents for other people—and over the internet at that—but if this fig-scented diffuser smells even remotely as good as the packaging looks, I'd be a happy camper.  I mean, show me a better box. I'll wait. 

Ortgia Sicilia Fico D'India diffuser $78

4. Today in things absolutely no one needs, this teeny-tiny concrete fireplace burns alcohol so it won't set off your fire detector and is the perfect size for roasting marshmallows on your kitchen countertop, should the mood strike. 

Flkr Fire personal concrete fireplace $95

5. I discovered this jewelry designer via Things I Bought and Liked and I pretty much love everything she makes—it's all on trend but made from quality materials, and everything feels super personal. Of all the great options, I think this toggle necklace is my favorite, but that may just be because the crescent looks like a C. 

Designed by Marci toggle necklace $56

6. Another gift that made me literally lol, this is a pretty specific doormat, but perfect for your favorite COVID-avoider, introvert, or curmudgeon (because I'm sure we all know several). Also available in pillow form

I want to be where the people aren't doormat $98

Splurge Gifts 

This is apparently the most popular perfume on TikTok, according to Refinery 29; in other words, it's the new Santal 33, e.g. the scent you smell on every other woman in a hip restaurant. I am wearing it as I write this, and while the fragrance is hard to describe, I think it kind of smells like cotton candy, but expensive. Either way, pretty much everyone will tell you that you smell amazing, if that's important to you.

Baccarat Rouge 540 eau de parfum $325

1. Liberty was one of the first department stores to do a beauty advent calendar, and theirs is generally considered the best. It almost always sells out right away, so I was kind of surprised to see that it's still available. I was ready to buy this one for myself, but then I realized this one wasn't quite as good as years past (no Diptyque candle!), which is maybe why it's still around. That said, I would not be mad if someone else bought it for me ;) 

Liberty beauty advent calendar 2021 $295

2. Here I am pushing housewares again, but I have one Greenpan that has completely changed my life, so I think I'd eventually like to replace the rest of my cookware (or at least my nonstick pans) with it. Note: you can't use olive oil, cook with high heat, or put them in the dishwasher, but these pans cook (and clean) like an absolute dream, and they're completely nontoxic, which if you've seen Dark Waters, is a major plus. 

Greenpan Paris nonstick cookware set $299.95

3. I am about to embark on a redecoration of my office, and I've been thinking about artwork for it. I think it may finally be time to splurge on my favorite Slim Aarons print—yes, it's not really work-y, but it least reminds me of why I'm in there. 

Slim Aarons Poolside Glamour print $425+

4. I've apparently never met a fuzzy shoe I haven't liked, so here's one that feels a little like a grown-up UGG. It's real shearling, which should keep your toes nice and toasty, and the wooden clog bottom will hopefully keep you high above the winter sidewalk muck. 

Tory Burch Jessica Shearling clogs $368

5. There are a lot of fringey sweaters out there right now, but fringe is tricky because it can make you look enormous if it's not in the right place. I love how this cardigan has a little curtain of it around the bottom, like a car wash for your hips. 

Fabiana Filippi fringe cardigan $497.67

6. This one's truly a splurge, but hey, biggest and best for last, right? VanMoof has a store here in San Francisco, and their bikes look kind of futuristic and Batman-like, but in a non-douchey way. They're also supposedly super hard to steal, which is key in this high-theft city. And most importantly, the electric motor is essential for San Francisco's hills—as someone who's had to get off and walk a bike up a hill more than once, I can attest to that! 

VanMoof X3 electric bike $2,298


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What a great gift guide! I love your picks, especially that leopard tray!

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What a beautiful gift List! Especially "Tık tok"s popular parfume looks great.

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What a great gift list! I love the light in built into the beanie too that's a really clever and useful gift! :) maybe I should get that for my hubby when he's running in winter! (it gets dark early and he runs after work).

Hope the supply issues don't impact you! They are saying the same thing here but I haven't seen any bare shelves or had issues buying anything so I don't think it's a real thing for us, haha! I have almost completed my Christmas shopping though :)

Hope that you are having a good week :) It's another rainy and stormy day here!

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What Gail said! lol! I will head to Nordy's to check out that fragrance! I'm super picky about that and hope it works for me! Thanks. You make the best graphic gift guides, Cheryl.

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