What to wear in November

Now that Halloween is over, can we talk about the holidays? I am really looking forward to celebrating them this year, because last year ended up being a big bummer. I'm not going to rehash the events of late 2020 because I'm sure most of us would rather forget them and whoops, I'm already being overdramatic about what was, in the end, a fairly minor inconvenience. That said, I'm planning on accepting every social invitation that comes my way over the next two months, so that means I'll need a lot of outfits to wear. I decided to take one for a trial run last weekend, and I feel like it was a hit. Here's how it came together.

There's nothing that says holiday to me like a cozy dress in a rich color. I normally wouldn't go for this deep burgundy color, but Saint + Sofia sent it to me and I couldn't have picked something better myself. Saint + Sofia is a British brand that uses sustainable fabrics and materials, and unlike many other sustainable lines, they're very affordable (for my UK readers, they're opening their first store in London sometime this year). This dress in particular is made of eco-friendly viscose with a hint of stretch; the fabric is nicely lightweight with a lovely drape to it. It's perfect for fall but I feel like you could get away with wearing it most of the year, layered up or not. And while this shape isn't a silhouette I normally would have chosen, it's great for the holidays because it kind of skims your body in a comfy way; in my case, it should be able to accommodate my Thanksgiving food baby without too much difficulty. I am wearing a UK size 12 here—I feel like that's usually closer to my US size 6 than the suggested UK 10—and I'm glad I sized up, because while the dress is roomy, the fabric does cling a bit to my bust (note: a molded-cup bra is a must with this one). I can't wait to show you what else Saint + Sofia sent me, so stay tuned ;) 

It's been awhile since you've seen my favorite leather jacket, but out of sight has not meant out of mind, at least as far as I'm concerned. I'm obviously a fan of throwing this jacket on with everything, but I particularly like it over a dress for a holiday party; in this case, it keeps the dress from looking too prim and proper. Another benefit is that it's lightweight enough that you can keep it on inside, especially if you're always cold like I am. As always, I'm in my usual size small, and as I've mentioned many times before, this jacket is 100% worth the investment—I've had mine for close to 10 years and it's still in gorgeous shape. 

I recently purged a bunch of evening bags from my closet, which may or may not have been a wise decision, but I feel like this cheetah-print mini tote is tiny enough to work for nighttime. You last saw it in this camel and black outfit and while it's been in storage for most of the warmer months, I think it's the time of year to break out the haircalf. I do have a cheetah clutch (and I kept it), but as I was recently reminded, sometimes it's nice to have a shoulder bag so your boyfriend doesn't have to hold your clutch when you're asked to saber a bottle of champagne. (Yes, that did happen to me recently!) 

Speaking of things I'm excited to wear again (and pieces that are worth the investment), my ChloĆ© boots are back for another season. You last saw them on Valentine's Day and oh how I've missed these boots. You can even wear them with sweatpants and they make whatever else you're wearing look that much better—all boats rise with the tide, right? What makes these boots even more amazing is the totally walkable (or standable) heel, because god knows I can't handle anything above a two-inch heel anymore. Then again, they're so cool, no one will even notice you're not on your tippy-toes. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Banana Republic moto jacket | Saint + Sofia Greenwich dress (c/o) | Clare V bag (similar here) | ChloĆ© Susanna boots 


Avec Amber said...

Your dress is so pretty for fall here, I love the color, and your boots are indeed gorgeous!

I hope you are having a great week so far!


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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat! Those ankle boots are fantastic and I love tiered dresses! Have a great start of the weekend!

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

I just got a dress in that same color for the holidays. It is so pretty with the black leather jackets and I just love those boots with the fun bucks details with it! Yes to all the holidays parties this year!


Mica said...

That is such a cute dress! I love the burgundy colour with the leopard bag too! This style of dress is extremely popular here, there are a ton in stores (and I have 2 in my wardrobe and my eye on a third already, haha!). I really need to try mine with a leather jacket when it's colder. Spring is definitely in force here right now!

Hope that you are having a good weekend :)

Away From The Blue

Lovely said...

Such a beautiful dress and you look fab!

Jessica Jannenga said...

My kind of outfit as well! I love the deep burgundy shade on you too! Those edgy boots with the moto are the perfect mix with this and I love the pop of print with the bag!
thanks for linking!
jess xx

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Gorgeous dress, I love the colour! It looks so good with the leather jacket and Chloe boots! Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx