Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Mothers: we've all got one—possibly two, and maybe a mother-in-law, a stepmom, a couple grandmas, or even a mother figure. And while I may not be a mom, I certainly know how to shop for them, as I have a lot of them in my life. Since May 8th will be here before you know it, here are 10 Mother's Day gifts that your Mom will love. 

Ettika single pearl necklace and simplicity coin necklace  (use code LTKCHERYLSHOPS20 for 20% off)

Ettika is an L.A.-based company that makes very on-trend jewelry that's really good for the price point. I have a bunch of their necklaces, but the coin pendant here is one of my all-time faves, and the pearl pendant is my newest addition. Best part: you can get both of these and still stay under $100—don't forget to use code LTKCHERYL20 for 20% off your purchase. (And P.S. my top is by Chicwish and will be coming to the blog soon!)

Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman

This is a cookbook for millennial dinner parties, except millennials don't call them dinner parties, so really, it's a cookbook for "having people over." As someone who enjoys both cooking and entertaining at home, I will say everything I've made from this cookbook has been incredibly flavorful and delicious, and even if you don't like to cook (you like to eat, right?), the photographs are gorgeous. 

Otherworld Rattan candle

There are people out there who consider candles to be very impersonal gifts. I am not one of those people. I tend to either have a candle or a diffuser going at all times in my apartment—I love to smell things that smell good—so if you ask me, a candle is a wonderful gift. One of my current favorites is this scent, which is kind of ambery and woody and cozy, yet not too wintry. Plus it gets extra points for its lovely packaging. 

La Bouche Rouge refillable case and lipstick

I first discovered this French brand when I was researching a sustainability project for work, and when I found out that one of my style icons, Chloe Sevigny, partnered with them on a lipstick, clearly I had to have it. Not only is the refillable case incredibly luxurious, but the lipstick is the best I've ever used. Monogramming is only available on LBR's website, and shipping is a bit on the slow side, but the brand is also sold at Saks and Credo here in the U.S. 

Bose QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones

What screaming children? I was skeptical of how much people gush about these headphones until I received a pair of my own, and now I literally cannot travel without them. They also come in handy when the other couple you're staying with in an open-concept Airbnb decides to have sex one morning, not that that ever happened to me ;) 

Parachute classic Turkish robe

This is actually Sean's robe (sorry, Sean, I borrowed it for this post—I swear I NEVER wear it when you're not here!), and I did extensive research before getting it for him for Christmas last year. It is super thick, super soft, and super luxurious, and because of all of those things, you might never want to take it off, especially when you're having a lazy Sunday morning. 

Parlovable faux fur slippers

As someone who wears slippers for the majority of her days, I am very picky about them—they need to be warm, they need to be sturdy, and they need to last. In spite of having open toes, these check all three of those boxes, thanks to the ultra-fluffy faux fur. These are a straight-up dupe of the Ugg fuzz sugar slippers and I dare say I like these more. 

Coravin wine preserver and Scribe rosé of pinot noir

You know those nights when you just want one glass of wine? Ok, stick with me anyway. The genius thing about the Coravin is that you can extract a single glass of wine (or two) without opening the entire bottle and having it go bad on you before you can drink the rest of it. Again, this rarely happens to me, but I've really found it to be helpful in determining whether or not a bottle is ready to drink. You'd probably never have to use it on this always-delicious Scribe rosé, but I needed a bottle for illustrative purposes and it happens that I tend to highly recommend this one. Bottoms up, moms!  


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These are great ideas! I love that refillable lipstick and that cookbooks sounds amazing!

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Great ideas! It's always so hard to think of something!

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Fab ideas! The necklace is beautiful!

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I'm in the market for a new robe so I might be sharing this post with my hubby in hopes for myself!

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