The Cheryl Shops holiday gift guide 2022

I almost started this post with "how is it time for the holidays already?" but as someone who loves this time of year, let me rephrase that: it's time for the holidays already! I am certainly feeling the spirit, especially since this year is (knock on wood) looking like it will be the first normal one since the you-know-what. I am really excited about everything I'm featuring this year, so without further ado, let's dive into my holiday gift guide for 2022! 

Gifts Under $25

When I tell people that Mani-Me has changed my life, I am not exaggerating. These little DIY gel manicures are incredibly easy to put on—they're literally stickers—they last for two weeks or so, and they bring me so much joy. They are teeny-tiny in size, so they'd make a great stocking stuffer (and at $10-$12 a pop, you can afford to give several at a time). 

1. This tote bag looks like Dior and is a fraction of the price—because do you really need to spend four figures on a cloth bag? No. Granted, the quality of this one sounds a little you-get-what-you-pay-for, but I do think it would make a super-chic beach bag. 

2. This is probably the most Etsy gift ever, but I still kind of love it. It's got macrame, it's got monstera leaves...I mean, what else could a millennial ask for, a big dumb hat? I'm not embarrassed to say this would look good in most of the rooms in my apartment. 

3. I am trying to drink less lol, but I will say, I have discovered these bougie bottled mocktails, and once you pour them into a fancy crystal glass (see the under $100 section), add a garnish, and put your feet up, you almost can't tell the difference. Almost.

4. I personally love a fancy Christmas tree ornament, and I often give them as gifts—there are a lot of witty and specific ones out there, and bonus points for being beautifully made. I know several people in particular who's appreciate this one. 

5. I have a dear friend who's a super high-powered banker, and, true story, she said the most secure way to transmit secret information is by writing it down on paper. So, by that logic, this old-school password book is virtually un-hackable, right?

6. I've been wanting to feature this travel jewelry box for awhile and haven't found the right post...until now. It's comes in a bunch of colors, and it's so vanity-friendly (and surprisingly holds so much) you don't have to reserve it only for traveling. 

Gifts under $50

Earlier this year when I was planning my trip to Croatia, I freaked out about not having any soft luggage. During my research, I came across this weekender bag, and while I determined it was not ideal for my trip, I bought it anyway and, let me tell you, it is the best weekend bag ever. It fits So. Much. Stuff. And it even unzips into a garment bag, so you can bring hanging things as well. It has a gazillion pockets too, which help you stay organized, and if you do want to take it as your carry-on, it has a sleeve that fits over the handle of your luggage. Can you tell how much I love this bag by how long I'm rambling on about it? 

1. Several years ago, Frame Denim had a Ritz sweatshirt that was an exorbitant amount of money and it still sold out. This one is waaaay more affordable, plus it comes in a bunch of fun colors. Note: in spite of its name, it's not actually vintage. 

2. A friend of mine got me a tea advent calendar last year and I can't even tell you how much joy it brought me—I looked forward to my new tea every day, savored it, then gave Sean a full review (which I'm sure he looooved). Nespresso also brings me a fair amount of joy, so this advent calendar definitely holds some promise, especially since it was created with Parisian chocolatier Pierre Herme. 

3. Much to Sean's dismay, I own a lot of throw pillows (they make everything more comfy and inviting!) but one of my pet peeves is having to buy an entirely new pillow, with insert, when I want to refresh my décor. So I love that these are for the cover only—and they're super chic (and 100% wool) at that. 

4. This is one of those things I'd feel silly buying for myself—do I really need hair perfume?—but would be overjoyed to receive as a gift. I can attest it smells amazing and managed to knock out both fried fish and wildfire smoke lingering in my hair when I spritzed myself at Sephora one day. 

5. I've been following Jamie Beck for years, and I've been fascinated by her transition from downtown NYC to Provence. Warning: this book may inspire you to throw in the towel and move abroad to live the simple life. 

6. I love playing board games with friends, but sometimes I'm not in the mood to be ultra-competitive or deal with a bunch of rules. This conversational game is a fun way to learn things you didn't know about your friends—and also maybe avoid hearing the story you've heard one too many times, again. 

Gifts under $100

It doesn't matter what you're drinking out of this glass—a negroni, a mocktail, even seltzer water—it makes the entire experience so much more pleasurable. I got these for Sean last year and drinking (anything!) out of them has become one of our favorite weekend rituals. 

1. I am generally not one to buy a candle without smelling it first, but this one had me at the name Braless, and if it smells anywhere as good as it feels to take off your bra at the end of the day, I'll be completely satisfied. 

2. I have a fancy pink bike helmet that I love, but bringing it with me requires planning ahead and often carrying my backpack, which is practical but not the most chic bag. Enter this collapsible bike helmet, which would easily fit in my work tote yet allow me to hop on a Lyft Bike (and stay safe) at a moment's notice. 

3. I just read a trend piece about how the big-booty-body is going out of fashion (and that Y2K skinniness is back, blergh) but bodies are not trends; they are beautiful. I love how this vase celebrates the female form, just as it is. 
Anissa Kermiche Popotin rose pot $106 (slightly over, sorry!) 

4. I may have featured this cloche in a previous gift guide; I still want one, hint hint. Not only is it gorgeously made, it helps your candles burn more evenly (I'm looking at you, Boy Smells) and casts a flattering glow, which we could all use. 

5. Shopbop isn't the place for discovering designers that it once was, but I was introduced to French jewelry designer Justine Clenquet there, so that's something. Her pieces are the perfect balance of delicate and edgy, and they're all priced incredibly well. 

6. Clogs are back! Yay clogs! This pair reminds me of one that I saw a woman wearing in Stockholm a few years ago, that Sean told me I was eye-f•cking (probably accurate), that I then searched for all over the city, to no avail. Justice at last!

Splurge gifts

When Sean came home with this thing earlier this year, I made a bunch of jokes about it being the new Hitachi Magic Wand. (Warning: do NOT use this on your lady parts.) I stand corrected—the Theragun is magic. As someone with inexplicably, chronically tight muscles, it works miracles in minutes. And if you can get someone to use it on you (not for THAT!), even better. 

1. I have been to many bars in my life, but, hands down, my favorite is Bemelman's Bar at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. I went there this summer for the first time in three years and I was so happy, I almost cried. So any part of it would make me smile, including these never-used ashtrays (which, of course, are no longer needed inside). I don't smoke, but I feel like they would make excellent cocktail-party bowls or jewelry holders. 

2. I am pretty much obsessed with everything Elin Kling does with her Totême label, including this genius coat with a built-in scarf. It also comes in gray with white trim, which is hard to find, and camel (on sale!), but I am partial to the black version—you can take the girl out of New York, but...

3. This is a completely ridiculous amount of money to pay for three lipsticks and yet that doesn't stop me from wanting this limited-edition set, created specially for Bloomingdale's 150-year anniversary. And, hey, it's cheaper than pretty much anything else you'd find at Hermès!

4. Also ridiculous: spending this much money on a "fragrance enhancer," e.g. something you're supposed to layer with another scent. That said, I think this smells amazing on its own—like clean skin, but better—and that's how I'd wear it. 

5. I spend the majority of my workday sitting on an incredibly ergonomic yet incredibly ugly-looking chair that Sean has gently suggested he take to his office instead. I am dying to replace it with something so extra-looking (yet comfy) like this ridiculous sherpa office chair. 
Serta Valeta office chair $197.59 (on sale)

6. This is one of the splurgiest splurges I've ever featured here, but, hey, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want, so there. I'm glad that, after a detour into streetwear-y puffiness, Bottega Veneta is resurrecting its woven bags, which are incredibly gorgeous in person (and virtually un-knock-off-able). God knows I love a good hobo, and this one looks like the bag of my dreams.


Mica said...

These are such lovely gift ideas and I like how you broke them down by budget! thank you for sharing!

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Well, I can't say that I have no inspiration anymore, lol. Thanks Cheryl, I love that macrame thing!

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thanks for this gift guide, i really need this.

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Lovely said...

What cute ideas! The macramé hanging is beautiful.

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So many cute gift ideas! I love those macrame leaves and may need to get them for myself! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Laura B said...

Manicure stickers have been a game changer for me! I couldn't get polish to last and now my nails look so much better! Love the price point too. THese are great picks!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

You find the best gifts! I'd love the gold clogs, the magic Theragun, the pillow covers, the manicure stickers....Thanks for linking! said...

Fantastic gift ideas! I love the Mani-Me nail stickers and the macrame wall hanging! Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

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These gifts are lovely and are gifted to special ones on the eve of Christmas

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