Honest reviews of products I finished in November

If you follow me on the 'gram, you might recognize this series—at the end of the month, I'd share the beauty products I finished, with mini reviews. I haven't done them for a few months, because thanks to Instagram's constant algorithm f*ckery, they're kind of a lot of work for very little return. But then I thought, why not just do them here instead? So here we are, and here are the things I finished last month. I've noted where I received items for free, however as always, the reviews below contain my 100% honest and unfiltered opinions.

Left to right:

I featured this eye cream last month in my post about what to buy at Sephora and let me tell you, I was surprised how quickly I blitzed through it, given the deceivingly large size. I feel like it definitely helped brighten my ever-darkening undereye circles; I used it both day and night, but next time, I think I'd just stick to using it during the day so it lasts a little longer. That said, I would definitely get this again. 

This serum REALLY makes your eyelashes grow long; after a month or so of using it, I recommend going down to every other night unless you want your lashes to hit your brows. So with that logic, in spite of being labeled as a three-month supply, this tube ends up lasting much longer. In other words, don't bother with the big tube. 

GrandeLash Lash Enhancing Serum Mini $36

I am a big fan of chemical exfoliants but sometimes I just want to physically scrub the schmutz off my face. This powder formula is gentle enough not to be irritating but effective enough to get the job done, plus it's made from rice, so it won't clog our water supply with a bunch of microplastics. Also, this thing lasts forever. 

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant $64 (c/o)

I'm a huge fan of the entire Inkey List line, but this is one of my most-recommended skincare products. I go through a bottle of this serum every other month. It's so lightweight yet deeply hydrating, especially when you layer it under a thicker cream or oil. And you literally cannot beat the price. My only criticism is I wish it came in a bigger bottle! 

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Serum $8.99 (c/o)

I've found that people either love or hate Christophe Robin products; I'm in the former group, and this is my favorite product of his. If you have baby-fine hair like mine, it gives a surprising amount of volume without drying your hair out. The consistency is a little off-putting at first—it looks like mud but smells like roses—but once you get the hang of it, it works wonders. 

Christophe Robin Volume Shampoo Paste $53

I'm embarrassed to say how long I've owned this concealer; once I heard that it was being reformulated, I rationed it out for only my most Crypt Keeper–y dark-circle days. I may have wept a little when I reached the end of the bullet. Apparently the new formula doesn't hold a candle to the old version, so RIP, holy grail concealer. 

Clé de Peau Beauté concealer $75

I often struggle with mineral sunscreens; they can make my skin look chalky, and in spite of this one being "silk," that was sadly the case. That said, it didn't slide into my eyes,  which is often a sunscreen problem for me, and I felt like it provided pretty good sun protection. The texture is a dealbreaker for me though.

Coola Sun Silk Creme Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 $48 (c/o)

Lilah B. recently announced that they were shutting down, which is sad, because they made really luxurious, cleanly formulated products. I also had the pleasure of working with them on some #sponsored content, and they were incredibly generous partners. I loved this mist for setting and/or refreshing my makeup; if you're lucky, you may be able to find some on sale at a Sephora store, however they're totally sold out online :(

Lilah b. Aglow Hydrating + Setting Mist $48 (c/o)

Apologies if you've seen my IG ads 8,000 times, but I really do love this serum and think it's worth it if you can stomach the price. It makes your skin look plumper, firmer, and more even in tone, and it works overnight. For more of my thoughts on it, check out this post. 

Eighth Day The Regenerative Serum $195 (c/o)


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Why do I stain my underwear?. xoxo.

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Lovely products! Instagram is totally shit isn't it! I used to love it a lot but now......not!

Laura B said...

I always appreciate how honest and thorough your reviews are! Thanks for sharing!

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

The lash serum sounds great - and it doesn't break the bank either. I may have to order some. I used to use Dermalogica Microfoliant and loved it, it always made my skin feel so soft. I don't know why I got out of the habit of using it. I'm so frustrated with Instagram lately, I just can't grow my account!

Thanks for sharing at the link up!

Emma xxx

Mica said...

It's great that Inky list serum is one you love and use so much! I have the Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum and it's a staple - I've tried the other ones but I keep coming back to that one every time I make a new order as it just works so well! :)

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