An honest review of One Love Organics

The concept of clean beauty—products formulated without potentially harmful ingredients—has been around for several decades, and while the market has been flooded in recent years, I always enjoy seeking out new and independent brands that are bringing something fresh (and effective) to the table. One Love Organics is not necessarily new (they've been around since 2010) but unlike some of the bigger brands that have sold out to, say, Unilever, you get the impression that they're still a founder-driven company focused on making really effective, cleanly formulated products. I've had the pleasure to partner with them a few times on social media but wanted to share my frank and unfiltered thoughts on their products. While I received all of the following items for free, this is an unsponsored post, and all of the following opinions are my own. Read on for honest reviews of One Love Organics products. 

Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

As I've noted many times before, I am very picky about cleansers. My reptile-like skin can't tolerate anything that strips it of what little moisture it has, nor does it respond to any harsh active ingredients. That said, I do like a formula that rinses clean and doesn't leave behind a bunch of greasy residue. This oil-based cleanser removes all of my makeup (even tubing mascara and long-wearing lipstick) without any irritation whatsoever, and my skin still feels balanced afterward. It has a light, natural, somewhat citrusy scent that dissipates quickly, and unless I'm wearing a ton of makeup, just a single pump usually does the trick. All in, this is a solid cleanser, and one that I'd definitely repurchase (and highly recommend). 

Botanical D Moisture Mist

When I lived in New York and went to a fancy gym, there was a model who'd I see in the changing area, spraying something on her face that felt inherently glamorous if maybe not entirely necessary. That's how I feel about this moisture mist. It settles on your skin, smelling incredible in a high-end herbal kind of way, then fades as soon as you exhale. Does it help rehydrate your skin after cleansing? Yes. Could I survive without it? Also yes. Still, misting this on my face every day feels like a luxurious moment of self-care, and there's something to be said about that. 

Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream

When I'm feeling dehydrated after a night of drinking, nine times out of ten, a nice big bottle of coconut water makes me feel a gazillion times better. This is kind of the same concept, but for your skin. The texture is deceivingly light; it takes a few minutes to absorb, but once that happens, it locks in a ton of moisture all day long, to the point where I find myself touching my cheeks in the afternoon and marveling at how hydrated they feel. While it has a very light, mild scent, this cream does not have a bunch of active ingredients, which is just how I like my moisturizers (I prefer to save the actives for my serum); it's just a good all-around hydrator, especially for winter. I've also been using it twice a day for the last couple of months and I've barely made a dent in the jar, so bonus points for longevity. 

Love + Eyebright Eye Serum

Under-eye circles were never a problem for me until the last couple of years; now, even if I have a good night of sleep (which I do most nights), I look like the crypt keeper. So now I find myself very eager to try any eye product positioned as brightening or targeting dark under-eyes. After using this for over a month, I can't exactly say if it's making an improvement; I've also not been drinking in January and have noticed that my face is way less puffy overall. I enjoy the metal rollerball applicator, however the formula is much oilier than I'm used to in an eye cream, and it takes quite some time to absorb—to the point that this is now the first thing I put on after cleansing, and I do my under-eye concealer last, so it has time to sink in. That said, I have a feeling this is the type of product whose results are so gradual and subtle that if I stop using it, I'll immediately notice a difference. 

Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm

Like the moisture mist, this is not a product that you really need, however it's nice to have on hand for certain occasions. The consistency is solid at first, but it warms up between your fingers to something slightly less slippery than Aquaphor. As dry as my skin is, I can't imagine getting to a point where I'd need to smear this over my entire face; I've found it's great for the random dry patches I develop this time of year at the corners of my mouth, under my nose, and so on. I've tried it directly on my lips but find it to be too fragranced for that. Again, this product is not an essential, but definitely nice to have on hand. 

Botanical A Bio-Retinol night serum

I've been using prescription Tretinoin (fka Retin-A) for years; other than genetics and not having children (sorry not sorry!), I'm convinced it's the reason my skin looks so good. Non-prescription retinol products, on the other hand, produce mixed results for me, for reasons I will probably never understand, although for starters, they are generally not as strong as prescription strength, and filled with a bunch of other ingredients that may or may not serve you. The pluses for this serum are that it makes my skin look tighter and smoother literally overnight. The downside is that is also gives me a scattered bumpy rash, which is my skin's way of saying NOPE. If you have more tolerant skin than mine, I'd definitely suggest giving it a try; if not, stick with what your dermatologist recommends. Note: at the moment, it's currently being offered as a free gift with purchase when you spend $199, so a good risk-free way to test it!

My honest review

It's hard to find a skincare line that hits it out of the park with every item, but One Love Organics definitely comes close. In terms of the skincare basics—cleanser and moisturizer—I can't recommend the Botanical B cleanser and Skin Dew enough. Overall, I like that the products have a light, fleeting, natural scent, and I always give bonus points for glass containers, which keep active ingredients stable and are more easily recyclable. But most importantly, I appreciate brands that use clean, organic ingredients that actually work, and One Love Organics is definitely that. I'll keep trying more of their products and adding them here in the future!


Laura B said...

Thanks for this great review! I need to try that coconut water cream! My skin has been really dry lately!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I could use hydration as much as possible, it seems neer enough! Lol.

vjes said...

great thanks for the post.

Kellyann Rohr said...

I had not heard of this brand before, thanks for sharing!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

The crypt keeper! Too funny. I love using organic products from small and dedicated companies. I also love a mist spray, particularly in the summer. Thanks for linking.

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Amelia Hedge said...
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