The best Khaite belt dupes

I saw a meme recently that gently poked fun at Pisces for over-accessorizing, and as a Pisces who loves her accessories, I felt very seen. If had to pick just one accessory, however, I think it would be a belt (although scarves would be a close second, and jewelry doesn't really count as an accessory, does it?). If I'm wearing pants—which I am most days—I'm most likely wearing a belt too. As I've noted before, I have a very short, somewhat thick torso, so they help me balance my proportions and carve out more of a waist. They're one of my favorite things to invest in, and I will gladly splurge on a designer belt (pro tip: they tend to be way more affordable than bags or shoes, and last much longer!). Within the last few years, I've been noticing more and more influencers wearing belts by Khaite, a fairly new New York label that is very successful commercially but maybe not so much critically. I see the appeal—Khaite does classic-with-a-twist very well—but to me, the pieces are incredibly expensive for what they are. Lucky for us, they're getting knocked off left and right, and because there's not anything completely original about the designs (Western-style belts have been around for years!), I don't feel bad about it. Here are my favorite Khaite belt dupes, all under $300. 

I already featured the wider version of this belt in tan back in February, and I loved it so much, I bought the skinnier silver-tipped version during Madewell's sale last month. Both are a more streamlined version of Khaite's Benny belt, with a rounded-rectangle buckle and, most importantly, a metal-tipped end. The leather on Madewell's version—yes, it's real leather, and at $48, pretty much a steal—it most likely more stiff and less luxurious, but for a tenth of the price, are you going to be that picky? (I'm not!) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: IRO leather jacket | Isabel Marant tee (current season) | Madewell skinny Western belt | Nili Lotan Flavie pants (current version) | Celine Romy bag | Hermès Calya clogs (my exact pair)

Of course, there are many more Khaite belts out there, and even more dupes. Here are more of my favorites!

This one is the best knockoff I've seen of the studded Benny belt, which feels a little more punk versus Western, thanks to the studs. It looks nice and thick, and it's real leather, which is always a bonus. 

This one leans more toward Khaite's Bambi belt, with its thinner, rounded buckle and multiple metal loops, however it raises the bar with more of a coiled versus a doubled effect. Also more of an investment, but still significantly less than the designer's. 

2. Déhanche Hollyhock belt $240

With its exaggerated, sculptural buckle, this one is the closest I could find to Khaite's Lucca belt, although it goes in more of a traditional, embossed direction versus a sleek, modern one. It's also faux leather, which I generally stay away from, but YMMV. 

3. Petit Moments Roswell debossed belt $55

This one also gives a nod to the Benny belt but in more of a streamlined direction. I appreciate that it comes in several colors, including a very tempting red. This brand also has a studded belt, which is gorgeous but approaching Khaite prices. 

4. Aureum No. 7 belt $200

As I noted above, this is the one I own, as well as the thicker version in tan with gold. Both are excellent, very affordable (especially for real leather), and if you ask me, pretty damn good dupes. 

5. Madewell skinny leather western belt $48

Another belt in the vein of the studded Benny, this one is also an investment, but knowing Golden Goose, the leather is likely perfectly broken in and incredibly durable. I also like how large and close together the studs are—it's almost as luxe as the original.  

6. Golden Goose Trinidad studded belt $264


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I have to say that I sometimes buy cheaper belts when I want one in a colour. But it always shows so much. THey don't last very long.

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

I always hesitate buying belts because they are so expensive. This is a great roundup of dupes! Going to check these out!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Laura B said...

These are all such good options! I really like 3 and 4! said...

I very rarely wear belts but I love this classic style. Thanks for linking!

Emma xxx