The Cheryl Shops summer capsule wardrobe

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is not new; I was first introduced to them by Lucky Magazine (R.I.P.) which had a recurring feature called the Lucky Closet (or something like that) where they'd mix and match a set number of pieces to create infinite outfits. Bloggers and influencers have embraced the concept in more recent years, but I've found I'm often underwhelmed by the results. Too many "classics" or "essentials" and you've got a bunch of really boring basic outfits. It is quite challenging to pick a very limited number of pieces to mix and match, and that's why I've never featured a capsule wardrobe here before—until now. I am not a stylist, but in the interest of getting more wear out of my closet this month, I challenged myself to come up with 10 outfits using only 10 pieces, and I tried to pick the most interesting (yet versatile) ones I could find. Here's what I came up with.

The pieces

Quince chore jacket

Xirena scout shirt

Anine Bing Lili tee

Gap x Doen pointelle tank 

Quince high-waisted linen shorts

Marant Etoile Picadilla skirt

Zimmermann Ottie dress

Target India platform sandals

Veja V-10 sneakers

Toteme T-lock clutch

The outfits

Quince chore jacket + Gap x Doen pointelle tank  + Quince high-waisted linen shorts + Target India platform sandals

Normally when I'm packing for a trip—which I treat as a mini capsule wardrobe—my rule is to pack mostly neutrals plus one color. I am breaking that a bit here, in that I chose a mostly black and white color scheme, with one pink item (the tank) and one in green (the jacket). I feel like if the jacket were a little darker, it would almost be khaki and thus a neutral, so it's kind of borderline in my mind. But either way, this is definitely the maximum number of colors I'd ever wear in one outfit! 

Xirena scout shirt + Marant Etoile Picadilla skirt + Veja V-10 sneakers + Toteme T-lock clutch

A lot of these outfits employ the "wrong shoe theory," which is that sometimes the wrong shoe makes the outfit look right. I don't always love a heel with miniskirts, which is what you'd expect (it depends on the rest of the outfit), but I've found a sneaker is almost always right.

Anine Bing Lili tee + Quince high-waisted linen shorts + Veja V-10 sneakers + Toteme T-lock clutch

This is the most casual outfit here, and likely what I'd wear for a day of bike riding or sailing, or doing something active outdoors. This is when that crossbody strap comes in handy, and sometimes you do need the most obvious shoe! The tee I've linked is a slightly updated version of one of my favorite buys of 2023

Zimmermann Ottie dress + Toteme T-lock clutch + Target India platform sandals

And at the other end of the spectrum, this is the most dressy look. I first spotted this dress at the Zimmermann shop in Vegas in May, and I thankfully was able to snag it for a song a few weeks later. It's such a great dress, all it needs is a simple clutch and a great pair of heels. Done and done.

Xirena scout shirt + Gap x Doen pointelle tank  + Marant Etoile Picadilla skirt + Target India platform sandals

Full disclosure: this tank top is very skimpy and cropped, and once I put it on, I was like, I'd never actually wear this tank top with this skirt in public, especially with these shoes. Then I realized that long-sleeve shirts make a great top layer, especially in summer. Problem solved! 

Quince chore jacket + Zimmermann Ottie dress + Veja V-10 sneakers

This is a very me outfit, and I like how the more casual dress and sneakers bring this fancier dress down to earth. The dress's bell sleeves do make layering a little tricky, but I think any awkwardness getting the jacket on and off make up for how cute this looks. Sneakers and dresses for the win! 

Xirena scout shirt + Quince high-waisted linen shorts + Target India platform sandals + Toteme T-lock clutch

A moment of appreciation for these sandals, which make your legs look 8 miles long. They also dress up what would otherwise be a pretty casual outfit. I would wear this out to dinner with girlfriends, or even on a date night—unbutton those top few buttons!

Quince chore jacket + Anine Bing Lili tee + Marant Etoile Picadilla skirt + Veja V-10 sneakers

The shoes here could have gone either way, but knowing myself, this is the pair I'd go for, especially for a day of bopping around town, which is probably where I'd wear this. It would also be cute without the jacket, but since I live in San Francisco, I'm almost never without one, even in summer. 

Xirena scout shirt + Zimmermann Ottie dress + Target India platform sandals + Toteme T-lock clutch

Here's where we get into some styling tricks. One caveat: a few of these would work better with a simpler dress, either something sleeveless or in a less fussy fabric. You can kind of see the neckline peeking out here, even though I've buttoned the shirt up all the way, and the bell sleeves got a bit bunched up. But hopefully you get the idea—layer a shirt on top and you've got a brand new look.

Anine Bing Lili tee + Zimmermann Ottie dress + Veja V-10 sneakers

Again, this look would work a little better with a more streamlined, simple dress, but it's...not terrible? I think the sneakers make it kind of fun. I will admit I was kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but with a different dress, it would look a little more natural. Either way, we made it to 10 looks—that's a wrap! 

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Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

I loved Lucky magazine! Capsules make it so easy to get dressed and I love the pieces you selected for yours. All of these outfits are beautiful and effortless!

Jill - Doused in Pink