Masstige Watch!
While I consider myself a fairly open-minded shopper, I avoid Home Shopping Network, QVC, and the like because, really, I think they're kind of gross. Like, tacky cubic zirconia bracelets gross. So even though I read several months ago that QVC was hopping on the masstige bandwagon with lines by cool indie designers Alice Roi, John Bartlett, Liz Collins and Maria Cornejo, I didn't check it out until recently. So now that I finally have, my reaction is...mixed. While quite stylish for QVC, the clothes are a bit on the boring side. Then again, they come in sizes up to 3X (that's a women's 26-28), so this isn't really the arena for avant garde fashion (and, again, it doesn't do much to dispel what I imagine to be QVC's core audience of overweight midwestern housewives). It is, however, a great opportunity to score some designer-ish stuff if you're a plus-size gal. And there is some not-so-bad stuff. I'm definitely ordering this ruffle-trim duster by Alice Roi and this Liz Collins sweater. Um, but that's about it. Let's hope their fall lines are a bit more fun, like all these designers' regular lines.

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