Website of the week
Inspired by this season's boho-chic look (or bobo, if you will), I've been looking for one of those little horn necklaces. I saw a bunch at Urban Outfitters, but they were kind of cheap-looking, and I haven't had good experiences with Urban's jewelry in the past. Then I found a nice one for, oh, $200 at Shop Intuition, however that was a bit more than I wanted to spend on a necklace that I might not be wearing six months from now. So while I'm all for nice, fancy jewelry, when it comes to trendy stuff, like clothes, the cheaper the better. (And, hey, Coco Chanel loved to mix costume jewelry with the nice stuff.) Enter Alltherageonline, a website full of affordable jewelry that's, well, all the rage. And it's cheap! While I saw a few items that were over $30, most stuff is in the $15-$25 range--so a step above the stuff you'd get at H&M or Forever 21, but not quite as nice as what you'd find in a boutique. So to get started, you can search, browse by category (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, and "other stuff"), shop by price range, and the most ingenious feature ever, shop by magazine in which you saw something. (Let's hear it for cross-marketing!) So, happily, they have a horn necklace, which they call the elephant tooth charm necklace--I like the extra beaded detail. And if I so choose, I can get semi-matching earrings. Other right-on-trend stuff that caught my eye: This beaded necklace puts a funky spin on all those faux-coral necklaces out there; the cloisonette & cameo collar has that cluttered, boho/bobo look; the interplanetary wood bangles are made for stacking; the eshta shimmy and chatter loops have that Indian-inspired thing going on; and I love this beachy-looking shark's tooth bracelet. So, in addition to these incredibly reasonable prices, there's always a sale at alltherageonline; this week you get a free beaded cuff with a $30 purchase, and you can take 15% off a $25 order, 20% off a $50 order, and 25% off a $75 order. Hey, let's hear it for costume jewelry!

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