This is old news by now, but Target announced last week that my former neighbor (literally, she lived on the 5th floor of my old building, not that I stalked her or anything) Behnaz Sarafpour is the next Go International designer. They'll unveil the collection next week, and it drops in November, just in time for the holidays--perfect timing, because Behnaz makes such wonderful party dresses.

And, this is kind of kooky but fun. I love Built By Wendy, but don't wear it as much as I'd like to, because I feel like I'm not really hipster-y enough to pull it off. But I'm going to put my fears aside for the time being, because Built by Wendy has a new line of sewing patterns for Simplicity (um, that means they're easy!), and they're having a contest to win a $100 gift certificate if you send them photos of your creation (sewn from the patterns, of course). Contest aside, seriously, how cute are these clothes? I think I love the top the most. Patterns are a mere $14.95 (you're responsible for buying the fabric--I recommend hitting Mood on 37th St.) and, yes, you can order them straight from Wendy's site. Looks like it's time for me to bust out the sewing machine (yes, MW, I know I have to sew our living room curtains first)!

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