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I often get emails from readers looking things, ranging from obscure designer handbags to clothes or accessories worn by celebrities. I try to respond to everyone, and I'd say that, as hard as I try, I'm successful about two-thirds of the time. So for all the people out there whom I can't help, or for those who want a more direct source, I read about a new website in Monday's Post. According to the article, NessaLee Style was born out of 24-year-old Jersey girl Vanessa Antonelli's search for LC's double-ring handbag from the first season of Laguna Beach. Countless handbag orders later, she created her own website to sell clothes seen on your favorite TV shows (especially The O.C.) and celebrities. You can shop by category, by designer, or by celebrity, and if you don't see what you're looking for, you can just email Vanessa; she'll even help you find items she doesn't stock herself. However, after shopping by celebrity, I must say I'm not very impressed. If you love Jessica Simpson, you're in luck; otherwise, it's kind of slim pickings. Also, there's at least one inaccuracy: The scarf pictured below (please note, I can't link directly to anything for this site), on pre-nose-job Ashlee Simpson, is without a doubt Alexander McQueen (as is every other celebrity's skull scarf), but the site tries to pass it off as a $50 nondesigner style. Um, not so much.

Also, I find it hard to believe that every celebrity pictured here, including Ashley Olsen, below, is wearing a pair of $84 Rachel Pally leggings.

Still, there are some cute things to be had, like this well-designed City Tote by Anna Corinna.

This bubble tank by Jak & Rae is a straight-up bargain (on sale for $36), and the volume looks perfect when paired with skinny jeans or leggings.

I own two very similar sweaters like this one by Inhabit, and I highly recommend them, but even though this one is on sale, it's still a little pricey ($193).

I think this leaf lariat is really pretty, organic and unique.

And, as we all know, I'm a sucker for butterflies, and this dress, by One Teaspoon, has a rather amusing name: "Hi Honey, I'm Home."

So unless you're the ultimate Jessica Simpson fan, I suggest just browsing the site by category or by designer, but if you're looking for that bikini Lindsay Lohan was wearing last week, try contacting customer service. Or, if you prefer, just E-mail me first--I'll do my best to tell you who designed it and, hopefully, where you can get it.

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