Websites of the week
I think it can be said that fashion blogs are the new media blogs: Everyone has one nowadays. Here are three (relatively) new ones of note.

There's been much to-do over blogs and their influence on the media--"citizen journalists" and all that. I happen to have a journalism degree, by the way, but I started Cheryl Shops out of frustration with my career; it so happened that people actually started reading it and, well, the rest is history (I still have a day job, however). The funny thing is that now that blogs are so influential, seasoned journalists are hopping on the bandwagon, I'm assuming, because their editors are strongly suggesting it. In the case of my hero, Cathy Horyn's blog, On the Runway, it's an interesting new way to read her writing--in bits and pieces, rather than in a well-edited longer piece. Her blog has a much more off-the-cuff, conversational tone, with some dryly amusing observations written in the first person. There's also a bit of name-dropping, but considering she's one of the most revered fashion critics in the world, I think we can let it pass. I'm eager to read what she has to say about the behind-the-scenes goings-on at Fashion Week next week.

On the other end of the spectrum is View from the Fourth Row, a blog written by a "fashion editor"--based on the title, a low-level one, I assume. The blog itself is no-frills; there are no photographs and no links, but I assume this is on purpose, to give the blog more of a diary feel. The writer, "NYC Fashionista," is quite honest, in a way that makes her seem equal parts wide-eyed, insecure and holier than thou (then again, if I worked at a fashion magazine, I'd probably be a nervous wreck 98% of the time too). Take this post on her upcoming Fashion Week stress; while I'm sure your seat assignment is a big deal when you work at a fashion magazine, I can't help but think she sounds a little ungrateful--coming out of the tents after a show, you see tons of envious fashion lovers standing outside, and I'm sure those people would kill for a standing-room-only invite to anything. The writer doesn't divulge many details about her daytime job, but after what happened to Jolie in NYC, you can't blame her. Then again, does anyone remember the Rance blog? Nevertheless, I'm also interested to see what she has to say about Fashion Week--whether her view from the fourth row is anything like my view from the standing section.

Finally, the mere week-old Fashionista is the brainchild of original (and best, in my opinion) Gawker writer Elizabeth Spiers and Imaginary Socialite's Faran Krentcil. Fashionista covers a lot of bases--shopping, news, parties--and does so in a totally fun way, so that you feel like an in-the-know girlfriend is telling you about cool stuff, not that you're reading some snarky commentary written by an underpaid smartass. There are some great tips (like this one on how to mix your own Black Satin nail polish) and I like the on-the-street fashion coverage, which takes it a step farther than The Sartorialist by interviewing the subjects. And then there are cute little features like, Is Pucci the new Burberry? And, of course, Fashionista gets bonus points in my book for linking to me. So, welcome, Fashionista, and please stay unjaded.

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