Breaking news: Mayle sale!
So, there's a Mayle sample sale today and tomorrow, and sorry for not having told you sooner, but I myself just found out about it this morning. Merch is more expensive and less plentiful than last summer's bonanza, but there were still some finds (although, small sizes be warned, it was a lot of 8's and 6's by the time I got there). Dresses were mostly $175, sweaters were $75-$90, there were a lot of pants (which everyone was ignoring), and bags were $150. I managed to snag a BB bag; by the time I left, the only kind that was left was the Gilberte. The sale runs until 7 today, then 10-7 tomorrow, but I will be amazed if there's anything left by the end of the day today. 263 W. 38th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 16th floor.

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Anonymous said...

what kind of billie bags did they have at the sale?