Spring Shopping Guide: Bright Colors
One of my coworkers remarked recently that my fall/winter wardrobe consists almost entirely of gray and black. Which is true. (Hey, darker colors hide the dirt better.) My spring/summer wardrobe tends to be primarily white and beige, but I do like to add some color here and there. For those of you who are not so neutral, however, you're in luck: This year, it's all about super-bright, verging-on-neon colors.

To me, the easiest way to add a pop of color is with a bright tank top peeking out of a cardigan or lightweight jacket. Thakoon's silk parachute top is conservative enough for the office, but chic enough to wear out for drinks afterward.

The Jenna top from Chris Benz is also work friendly (if you work in a more creative environment), but in a more fashion-forward way. The chiffon also helps to lighten the intensity of the color, which is great for those of us who are color-averse.

I think a trenchcoat, like this one from Versace, is a great way to add color to your look, especially on rainy days like we've been having recently. (And, hey, it's on sale too!)

Another great piece for layering, the Sophia cami from Myne is 100% silk and has a flowy shape, so you'll stay nice and cool in the summer heat.

I used to hate the color yellow, but all of a sudden, it looks fresh to me. This cropped jacket is definitely bright, but the tone is cool enough that it will work with a number of skin tones. I also love that you can throw it on over pretty much anything.

Then again, blue is a color that looks good on pretty much everyone, so this Alexander Wang hologram dress should work for pretty much everyone. And since it's a dress, no tricky color-coordinating or layering required!

The trick with wearing bright color is not to look too '80s--let me tell you, I wore a ton of neon in my youth, and I am probably permanently scarred from it. This tunic from Forever 21 is a bit '80s, but it's more punk than aerobics, so I think you can get away with it.

Call me crazy, but I totally love this chartreuse anorak from Nine West. I feel like this would be the perfect jacket to wear on vacation--your traveling companions would never lose track of you! (Of course, now I am reminded of when I went to France as an adolescent and they made our group wear red windbreakers everywhere. We were mortified.)

If you like that idea but don't think you can quite handle a coat, then J.Crew's featherweight cotton top is a nice compromise. The ruffle trim helps to soften it a little, and the weight of the cotton ensures the color isn't so intense.

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