Lots of news in the world of masstige since I've been gone! As you probably already know, Alexander McQueen for Target is now available in stores and online. I actually scored my lusted-after jumpsuit (and the ankle-zip leggings) at the pop-up shop that was open during Fashion Week; the asymmetrical gray dress was already sold out by the time I got there, so I was hoping to find it online, but no such luck. The cropped leather vest--which was one of the most expensive items--is also sold out. I think I might actually order the gray skinny jeans, which I gave up on at the pop-up shop since the fitting-room line was so long. Then again, I probably don't need another pair of jeans. As for the jumpsuit, it's everything I wanted and more, but I recommend ditching the crappy thin belt that comes with it and using your own instead. Also live at Target: Erickson Beamon costume jewelry, which is getting bad reviews for cheapness but otherwise looks fun, and Orla Kiely housewares, which look kitchy-cute and are getting good reviews.

One more Target note: Fab Sugar has photos of the upcoming Tracy Feith Go International collection, several of which are modeled by Allie from The City, coincidentally. Tracy Feith is one of those designers where, when I see his clothes, I first think, "Hmm...interesting," but then they really begin to grow on me, and that's pretty much how I feel about this collection. The prints are offbeat, the silhouettes are quirky, but somehow it all works. I particularly like the cropped motorcycle jacket, and I am in love with this ruffled bikini, and, luckily, the collection hits stores May 17th, just in time for summer.

I will admit, I love Urban Outfitters' catalogues. They are always so stylized and cool-looking, I turn down the corner of every other page to mark the stuff I want. (However, then I go to the store and realize the persuasive power of good photography, because the stuff looks like crap in person.) In the latest catalogue, I noticed a new line, Cool, Casual by Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Turns out this is a designer collaboration; while not super-expensive, Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a fashiony, high-concept line of basics that's normally found at stores like Oak and Opening Ceremony. So far, there are five Cool, Casual pieces available; I have a feeling the leather tee will get all the attention, but I have my eye on the silk tunic, which looks just about perfect to me.

Finally, Racked reports that Adam Lippes for Mango is in stores now...however, prices are more prestige than mass: The cheapest item is a $49 tank top; two dresses top out at $260. They're silk, but still. The outfit at right, which was my favorite of the bunch, will cost you $310 before tax. Yikes! Let's hope those prices are due to wonky exchange rates and not the utter cluelessness of Mango.

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