Buy it: Brucci Jaded Nail Hardener

I'm not a big impulse buyer when it comes to beauty products, except when it comes to nail polish. I have a particular weakness for Chanel Le Vernis, which I've been in love with since the introduction of Vamp back in the '90s. As far as impulse purchases go, Chanel nail polish, at $23 a pop, isn't totally obscene--it's not like buying a Chanel 2.55 bag, for example--however, the problem is that they make such coveted shades of polish that everyone wants them, they sell out everywhere, and you can't find a bottle to save your life. Which, of course, makes my inner hunter want it even more. This is the case with their latest must-have shade, Jade (which, yes, is sold out at the moment). I'm clearly not the only one who wants a bottle--they're going for up to $75 on eBay, a 300% markup. But sometimes the shopping gods smile upon you. Case in point: Yesterday at Duane Reade, en route to the toothpaste aisle, a shiny little green bottle caught my eye. Creamy and minty-green, Brucci Nail Hardener in Jaded is a bit more metallic than Chanel's Jade, but for $2.99, it's close enough. It may not be as chic as the squared-off bottle with the double-C logo, but, in these recessionary times, nothing is chicer than a great bargain.

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Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Great find! I want this Chanel but it's sooo trendy.