Nitrolicious, as usual, has leaked photos from two upcoming Target collaborations: first, a few advertising images from the Carlos Falchi handbags collection, which hits stores November 1st. She also has leaked photos, here and here, of the Rodate Go International collection, which hits stores December 20th. Based on these images alone, I am getting pretty pumped about Rodarte. As for Carlos Falchi, meh. (Then again, that's usually how I feel about Target's shoe and handbag collaborations.)

But if November and December seem a long way away, The Cut reports that Pierre Hardy's long-awaited fall shoes and boots hit the Gap on October 19th. These boots, which I admit I'm totally lusting after, are $175, which, while not exactly a bargain, is significantly more affordable than a regular-priced pair of Pierre Hardy shoes, which can easily run more than $1,000. That said, I think I'll wait till my Gap Friends & Family coupon turns up—while Pierre Hardy's shoes are always awesome (I own a pair from every Gap collection he's done thus far), they don't sell out nearly as quickly as the Design Editions, thus buying the bargain-inclined among us a little time.

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