Object of Desire: Balenciaga Peep-Toe Boots

Of all the crazy shoes out there nowadays, peep-toe boots take the most-impractical prize. They're too drafty for winter and too hot for summer, leaving you about a three-week window in which to wear them. And yet their utter disregard for proper seasonal dressing is what makes them so desirable--they seem to subtly say, "Fashion knows no weather forecast." There's also the fact that whether you wear them with tucked-in skinny pants or bare legs à la runway, you need long, thin stems to pull them off. These heavily embellished Balenciaga boots take it all a step further, from the open toe to the super-high heel, to the totally impractical mixed-media design. They're very urban warrior and yet with all of the aforementioned factors, they're really best suited for the type of woman who has a driver. Not that we can't aspire to be that woman. I would wear these with everything from skinny cargo pants to little miniskirts, subway stairs be damned. This pair has been popping up in the spring fashion editorials in all the magazines, and while I can't find any pairs online, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled and wait out the summer sales--if I'm lucky, I can score some just in time to wear before the fall chill sets in.

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