Buy It: Vix Bia bikini

As I mentioned earlier, MW and I are renting a house on Fire Island this summer, and let me tell you, it was money well spent. Fire Island is so much more relaxed than the Hamptons--there are no cars, and few snobs--and within minutes of arriving, I completely mellow out. My wardrobe thus far has been equally laid back: I wear cutoffs with tank tops by day and rompers or maxi dresses by night, all with flat sandals (a true rarity for me). But what I spend the most time wearing is my beloved Vix Bia bikini. Mine is magenta, and I bought it last summer on the spur of the moment, but it turns out it's one of Vix's best-selling styles, and for good reason. The top and bottom both feature these ingenious little gold rectangles, which you can adjust to create a custom fit. The top is otherwise a classic string bikini top, which I had previously thought I couldn't wear, but, as it turns out, Vix sizes its tops on the generous side. The bottoms have a great fold-over waistband, so there's no elastic or strings digging into your hips, but the gold rectangles help to give them some shape. I can also report that after several trips to the beach last summer, a week in Barbados earlier this year, and now a month in Fire Island, the color has yet to fade. While $160 is not totally unreasonable for a bikini in this day and age, it is a significant amount of change, however I feel like the Bia is completely worth it. Especially when you add up the amount I've spent on crappy, flash-in-the-pan suits from H&M or Old Navy over the years. And when you look at it on a cost-per-wear basis, the suit practically pays for itself. After all, I wear it nearly every day I'm out there (which I wish were every day, period). If only getting dressed in the city were as simple as having one great bikini.

Side note: If you're interested in this sort of thing, this style is a celebrity favorite as well. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Teri Hatcher has been photographed in it--which speaks to its ability to fit a wide range of body types.

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