Object of Desire: Givenchy Eden Pepe Sac

Sad but true: I am always on the lookout for a new bag. I can spend months obsessing about and saving my money for an It Bag, and as soon as the thrill of actually buying it has worn off, I am already thinking about my next conquest. I will say, I have been behaving myself: The last purse I bought was last fall, and for summer, I'm using my beloved Botkier James hobo from last year. Having practiced so much restraint, I feel like I'm due for a somewhat spectacular splurge. I've had my eye on this Be & D Genesis satchel--the leather is supersoft yet a bit crinkled, and, more importantly, the shape is on the understated side. The economy may be on the recovery, but we're not out of the woods yet, and thus quiet luxury is still the way to go. I was just about ready to splurge on the Genesis when I got an email from Barneys announcing the arrival of the Givenchy Eden Pepe Sac. Like the Genesis, it combines a crinkled texture with a subtle, briefcase-inspired shape, but it appears to be even larger, and without the pesky spring-loaded front flap. I also like the muddy dark brown color--it's not as obvious as black. It's a bit more of an investment than the Be & D bag, but with a bag this gorgeous, I have a feeling my wandering eye won't be a problem.

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