In These Shoes: Elizabeth & James Scuff Boots

Contradictory as it may seem, I prefer warm weather but I love cold-weather clothes. There's something so cozy and comforting about all of fall and winter's many layers: cashmere sweaters, thick scarves, fur vests, opaque tights, wool trousers, and, of course, boots. As you might have gathered from my "In These Shoes" posts so far, I have a special weakness for boots; I'd wear them year-round if they didn't make my feet swelter in summer. I can't quite pinpoint why I like boots so much, but I think part of it is because they're sexy for what they cover up, rather than what they expose. In other words, boots are an evening gown while sandals are a minidress. Plus, if you have slightly thicker legs, a good knee-high boot can do wonders for a girl's gams. I happen to like my legs, but I've been on the hunt for a good pair of cuffed boots. I'm fascinated by this sub-genre of knee-high boots, because they kind of make you look like you have pants or legwarmers on over your shoes--it's a weird concept and yet it works. These
Scuff suede platform boots
by Elizabeth & James are just what I'm looking for (they come in black leather too). I've sung Elizabeth & James' praises before, but I will say their shoes are just as awesome, if not more so, than their clothes--I have a pair of the East West wedges from last summer, and I practically lived in them until a few weeks ago. These have height-boosting 5-inch heel, but the 1.25" platform and wedge heel make them totally walkable. This pair has nice details, too, that really make them stand out: the cuff is slightly longer in back (just like real pants!), and the toe has a nice rounded-pointy shape. The color--a taupey gray-brown--is different too, which would be a nice change of pace from all the black boots I own. The only thing that's stopping me from buying them right away is the price--at $495, they could be worse, but they're not exactly a bargain. Here's hoping they make Shopbop's first round of holiday markdowns...

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