Object of Desire: Soffer Ari Bullet Necklace

As loyal Cheryl Shops readers know, I love shoes. Little-known fact: second only to my love of shoes is my love of jewelry, however I don't write about it as frequently for two reasons. One is that I have pretty particular taste, and two is that I have pretty expensive taste, and, after all, this blog is called Cheryl Shops, not Cheryl Covets. However, every once in awhile, I feel compelled to write about something extraordinary, and that brings me to Soffer Ari. Back during Fashion Week, I went to a fine jewelry showroom where, among other designers, I was introduced to his work. Ari started making leather pants for the Sunset Strip's rock stars back in 1995, and his business eventually grew to include leather, sterling silver, and diamond jewelry--you know, the various rock star accouterments. If there's one thing I have a weakness for jewelry-wise, it's that dark, chunky, Gothic, rocker look, and that's exactly the kind of jewelry Ari makes. On his website or at his L.A. store, you can find Maltese-cross cufflinks or earrings for under $200, but the most eye-catching stuff is on the higher end--a decadent mix of luxury and debauchery. My absolute favorite piece in the collection is the diamond-tipped bullet pendant, which hints at something truly scandalous and rock-and-roll but is, I am assured, nonfunctional. It carries a true rock star endorsement--Guns N' Roses' very own Slash (yes, Slash!) has one, as pictured here. It comes in two sizes, as well as in a diamond-less version, but I think the black diamond is the most striking. Of course, it might take a headlining gig (or several) to afford it, but what's more rock-and-roll than splurging on something supercool?

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