TheFind Guest Post: Wave Prints Are Taking Spring by Storm!

Horizontal stripes were back in a big way this past winter, and now, just in time for Spring Break, this season's tops, skirts, and dresses are welcoming a beachy-inspired take on stripes with funky wave prints! Wavy stripes are somewhat nautical-inspired in a cool literal way that's a bit more chic than "sailor," and you can't help but daydream of warm sands, breezy beach weather, and beautiful spring days out on your yacht (real or imaginary)! This Tracy Reese Waves and Orchids silk dress is a gorgeous, romantic take on the wave trend -- not only with the print but with its silky layers to boot -- while this fitted Diane von Furstenberg Cyrani Dress puts a quirkier spin on the print that's undeniably cool in its whimsy. No caftan is as seaside-festive as this sheer, shimmery wave caftan by Evil Twin, which can also be worn over a tank as a tunic top, but if you're just looking for a wavy take on a casual tee, this Tory Burch wavy tunic is definitely a seasonal step up with its beach-inspired stripes!

- Alex Gambardella

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