In These Shoes: Loeffler Randall Natane Sandals

Back in my personal wish-list entry in my holiday gift guide, I featured Loeffler Randall's crushed blue velvet Natane lace-up stilettos, noting that I was watching them like a hawk in case they went on sale. marked them down the day after Christmas, but, alas, by the time I got to them, only size 10 was left (and those are long gone now). After I finished mending my broken heart, I came across the next best thing. They might not be blue velvet, but the metallic lizard version is the silver, er, gold lining in the cloud. They are still available on Loeffler Randall's website and, even better, are on sale, although still on the pricey side, at $313. Still, have you seen a pair of shoes that so deftly toe the line between glamorous and edgy? And in spite of the 105mm heel (about 4 inches), I'll bet that, like every other pair of Loeffler Randall shoes I own, they're quite comfortable. While I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for another markdown, if these babies are still around by my birthday, I think I might have found my present to myself.


Unknown said...

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###### said...

love these shoes, and have for a while.