Lazy shopping: late summer sales

As you may expect from someone who's written a shopping blog for nearly 10 years, I treat sale shopping like a competitive sport. The important thing to know is that markdowns get steeper as the season goes on, but the stakes get a bit higher too. In my previous sale-shopping post, it was early in the season, and thus a great time to snap up more classic pieces—things you're almost willing to pay full price for but are excited to find on sale nonetheless. Now, in late summer, retailers just want to clear out merchandise to make room for fall items, hence the markdowns are at least 50%, and sometimes up to 70% or 80%. The catch, though, is that what's left is sometimes a bit tricky: trends that didn't quite resonate, extreme sizes, adventurous prints and colors. Which is why when I buy stuff at the end of the season, I take chances. Hey, it's fashion—it's supposed to be fun! A bright-yellow bag, a crazy tribal print, metallic jeans...why not, right? Here's what I've been eying.

Clockwise from top left:

Fallon choker, $50

Rag & Bone Jasmine sweater, $198

3.1 Phillip Lim Lemon Lark tote, $438

Antik Batik Opyla Mini Dress, $154

Thakoon Addition Hawaiian Print Blouse, $105

Loeffler Randall Valentine Wedges, $224.99

Rag & Bone/JEAN metallic jeans, $99 (plus extra 40% off)

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