In These Shoes: Shoemint Kimberly

I have, thus far, been a big fan of the "Mints"—all those subscription-model e-commerce sites tied to a celebrity and selling various specialties: JewelMint (Kate Bosworth/jewelry), StyleMint (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/clothes), HomeMint (Justin Timberlake/home decor), IntiMint (Brooke Burke/lingerie), BeautyMint (Jessica Simpson/beauty), and ShoeMint (Rachel Bilson/shoes). The monthly auto-billing for these sites is, in my mind, the one drawback, but good news: now through Wednesday, you can shop all six Mints without any commitment. So if I were you, I'd buy these Kimberly wedges, which are pretty much the perfect summer shoe. The black-and-white striped canvas adds a little whimsy to your look, the exaggerated ankle tie is adorable, and the cork sole is light and easy. I'd wear them with everything from sundresses to shorts—the latter benefitting from the super-elongating effect of the  6-inch wedge heel (zoinks, although it's helped by a decent platform). Also nearly perfect: the price, a very reasonable $79.98. Then again, with shoes this cute (and inexpensive), I could totally spring for a new pair every month. And isn't that the point?


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