Holiday Gift Guide: Your Dear Old Dad

My dad is a man of few words, especially when it comes to ideas for Christmas presents. Thankfully, like most dads, he's pretty passionate about a few things (not pictured: wine) and when you get 'em right, you're the golden child.

1. My dad is bonkers about the weather, particularly when a natural disaster is in progress. With this solar-powered crank radio, he can keep up to date on all the goings-on, even after the power goes out (as it tends to do in my parents' house).

2. Creed Green Irish Tweed was originally created for Cary Grant, and if that doesn't define a dad-perfect scent, then I don't know what does. As a bonus, it smells so fresh and masculine, I can't imagine any guy—of any age—not loving it.

3. The only thing cuter than your dad in a bow tie is your dad in an oversized velvet Albert bow tie from Lanvin.

4. If he's not already a fan of it, Game of Thrones has everything dads love: charming rogues, warring clans, headstrong princesses, dragons...and, um, boobs. Get him caught up with the Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs so you can discuss Season 3 when it starts airing next year.

5. Like ties, socks are often the punchline to bad-gift jokes. Zoraab, a new site that's hoping to change that, offers non-lame footwear for the dapper dude, and while you can purchase pairs individually, I think their sock subscription (available in 2-, 3-, or 5-pair increments) is truly the gift that keeps giving.

6. My dad's ties to Chicago sports—and to architecture—run deep, but I think any sports fan (in other words, nearly any dad) would appreciate a ballpark blueprint from his favorite baseball stadium. As for the Cubs, there's always next year, right, Dad?

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