Holiday Gift Guide: Your Little Sister

She knows all the words—and the moves—to "Gangnam Style," she can text faster than the speed of sound, and one day, she's going to run the world. You know, once the Pretty Little Liars marathon is over.

1. Wearing a hat is so uncool and yet her Beats by Dre don't really provide any insulation. Enter these Juicy Couture faux fur headphone earmuffs, which provide both warmth and good sound in a fun, animal-friendly package.

2. Knowing most celebrity fragrances, Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj probably smells like a mixture of hairspray, gum, and Bieber Fever. But the bottle will look so cool on her dresser, who cares?

3. Much like a teenage girl, this Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster bracelet is the perfect mix of pretty and tough. And, if her boyfriend gets fresh with her, it can, in a pinch, double as a weapon.

4. Hey girl, make sure feminism doesn't become the F-word: Treat her to the Feminist Ryan Gosling, a fun yet thoughtful way of examining gender inequality.

5. Humor her obsession with Girls' Generation and treat her to this metallic-accented tiger tank top from Baby Centaur, a South Korean line. Next up: Working on perfecting her K-pop wink.

6. Her lip balm habit is singlehandedly keeping Sephora in business, so why not encourage her entrepreneurial spirit with a DIY lip balm kit?  Maybe she'll create the next Fresh Sugar Rose!

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