New York Fashion Week Fall 2013: Nicholas K, BCBG Max Azria, Kimberly Ovitz, Timo Weiland & Concept Korea

Nicholas K
Every time I see a Nicholas K show, I think, I want to be that girl. For fall 2013, that girl is wearing draped sweaters and tops layered underneath parkas or biker jackets with some nubby knits and fuzzy mohair sweaters thrown in for good measure. That girl looks cool, and sometimes even a bit sexy in interestingly draped dresses, some of which had subtly sexy sheer insets. There were some outstanding leather-trim swing coats and paneled leather leggings too, but what I really want to talk about are the pants, a slouchy silhouette somewhere between leggings and sweatpants. Can we please make sweatpants for day happen? I mean, that girl is doing it—why can't I?

BCBG Max Azria

In my jaded old age, I've given up on requesting invites to certain shows, but Mina, who is only on her second season of having a press pass, is much more fearless than I am, and thus she's on the riser at some primo shows this season, many of which I've never even covered before, and some, like BCBG, that I haven't attended in years. Well, BCBG, it's good to be back, especially when it's filled with enticing prints, fantastic furs, and sexy leathers like this.

Kimberly Ovitz
Here's how Kimberly Ovitz's show notes began: "Through observing the human psyche and natural defenses that manifest mentally and physically, Ovitz explored the intricacies of the illusional protection systems seen in animals and insects." And they say fashion people are airheads. The Cliff's Notes version is this: insects. That meant sculptural outerwear, otherworldly liquid metallics, sexy fluid layers with dangerous-looking lace accents peeking out, and abstract prints that hinted at exotic creatures. It was all strong and sexy and mysterious—pass the venom, please.

Timo Weiland
Fashion week is such a three-ring circus, with celebrities and free stuff and photographers and beautiful people, that sometimes you forget why you're there. At Timo Weiland, Mina first texted me to tell me about the gift bags (thong underwear and nail polish!) and then the live band. What about the clothes, I wondered. Oh yeah, those! For fall, Weiland continued exploring menswear-inspired classics in rich-looking windowpane plaids for day and sweet flared-skirt dresses, sometimes with cutouts, sometimes in fancy brocade fabrics, for night—and all definitely worth paying attention to.

Concept Korea

In Korea, you can order groceries from the subway, and, well, there's also this. In addition to being Mina's motherland, Korea is also home to a booming fashion industry, represented at New York Fashion Week by the five designers in Concept Korea's show. There was ChoiBoko, whose black, white, and red appliqu├ęd pieces looked like something your artsy aunt would wear; Cres. e Dim. (periods his), whose harnessed pieces evoked the Matrix while his aggravating music provoked my headache; Son Jung Wan, a NYFW regular whose show we'll be covering on Saturday (and whose polished line was the most appealing to me); Lie Sang Bong, whose placed graphic prints evoked either Spider-Man or Tron (take your pick!); and finally Kye, who has clearly been watching Yo! MTV Raps reruns, as evidenced by the graffiti prints, B-boy caps, and copious amounts of hot-mustard and turquoise hues. Heeeeey, sexy lady!

Nicholas K, BCBG, Timo Weiland, and Concept Korea photos by Mina Kim

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