Buy It: Giles & Brother for Jewelmint Multi Spear Collar

Philip Crangi's Giles & Brother line is one of my favorites for low-key yet really unique jewelry. My appreciation started with a skull pendant (way back when skulls were subversive and cool) and has grown over the years, through sample sales and random finds and (sadly) the closure of G&B's jewel box of a store in the Meatpacking District. As far as jewelry goes, Giles & Brother is fairly affordable, but thanks to their new collaboration with JewelMint, it's even more so. The first in what will hopefully be many of JewelMint's Studio Series, the 10-piece capsule collection contains one ring (sold out), five bracelets (all but one sold out), one pair of earrings, and three necklaces. Prices range from JewelMint's usual $29.99 for the earrings, ring, and bracelets (which are some of the strongest items in the collection) to $59.98 for two of the necklaces and top out at $89.97 for a long, multistrand necklace. Everything carries Giles & Brother's grungy-glam aesthetic, with oxidized finishes and black-diamond crystals, and had I been more on top of my game, I probably would have snapped up more of the items before they sold out. Thankfully, my favorite piece, the multi-spear collar necklace, is still available. It's a perfect example of what makes Giles & Brother so wearable: the spears are interesting and edgy, but delicate enough that you can wear the necklace with a variety of things, from a pretty dress to a plain T-shirt. And at $59.98, it's a no-brainer, especially when similar styles from Giles & Brother proper run four times that, or more. In fact, that's a fabulous way to justify buying multiple pieces from the collection, if only more were still in stock. I'm praying they get them back soon—c'mon, wait list!

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