In These Shoes: June Ambrose by theme® Freda Sandals

I recently expounded on the joys of black platform sandals, but now that sale season has begun, it's a great time to buy some crazy fun shoes too. You know what I'm talking about: Shoes so impractical, you'd never pay full price, but once they hit 40 or 50 percent off, how can you afford to pass them up, amiright? I've been meaning to write about June Ambrose's HSN line for awhile, and before you start laughing so hard you can't finish reading this post, let me just say that HSN has some amazing exclusives, and they're really courting a more fashiony customer such as yourself. Case in point: the June Ambrose by theme® line of shoes; if you're not familiar with Ambrose, she's basically responsible for styling every fly music video you watched in the '90s and is thus worthy of her own shoe line. There are a bunch of fun styles in the line, but my favorite is the Freda, a sandal with bright blue suede, sexy mesh, and, best of all, a bold peacock print. (There's also a practical all-black style and a chic nude and leopard, but come on, the peacock is fun, and that's the point of this post.) Would I ever pay full price for them? Probably not, but they're on sale at the moment, and that's good enough for me—good, cheap fun.

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