Lazy Shopping: Happy Chinese New Year!

I will admit, I don't pay that much attention to Chinese astrology, but I was born in a year of the horse, and considering some of the competition (rat, ox, snake), I think that's a pretty good sign to have. As of this Friday, January 31st, we're entering another year of the horse, and while one would hope that means good things for those born in that year, for everyone else, it simply means a good excuse to buy cool horse-themed stuff. Giddyap!

1. Long horsebit necklace, $26.95

2. She's a Lucky Gallop scarf, $19.99

3. Equipment Wandering Horse-Print Blouse, $268

4. Frye Lindsay Boots, $313

5. French Connection Hatched Horses Dress, $149.99

6. Z Gallerie "Haven't Met You Yet" Print, $129.95

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