Object of Desire: Hermes Picotin Bag

Confession: I've never understood the fascination with Birkin bags. Have you ever actually held one? They're boxy and stiff, and once you put all your stuff inside, they're rather heavy too. (And then, of course, this happened.) The Kelly has the benefit of coming with a shoulder strap, but I find them even more structured and fussy-looking. But last week, I spotted a gorgeously slouchy bucket bag on the arm of my coworker, and after I wiped the drool from the corners of my mouth, she confessed it was Hermès, and a Christmas present. The bag is the Picotin, and I'm now completely obsessed. Whereas the Birkin is traditional, staid, and almost too elegant for its own good, the Picotin is more casual, youthful, and relaxed. There is no zipper, but that signature Hermès lock, buttery pebbled leather, and contrast hand-stitching give it an unmistakable polish. One of the best things about the Picotin is its price; at nearly $2400, it's nothing to sneeze at, but it's on par with bags from fellow French luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Chanel and has the added benefit--in my opinion, at least--of being much more understated and quiet and thus truly luxurious. An added benefit to the Picotin's under-the-radar status? Unlike a used Birkin or Kelly, which rarely can be had for less than mid four figures, you can frequently find them for around $1,000 on luxury resale sites like The Real Real, LXR & Co., or Portero. Considering my birthday is coming up soon, I'll be watching all of those sites like a hawk; any bag in that delicious blue jean taurillon clemence leather is mine, all mine.

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