Fashion Week: Timo Weiland Men at High Line Hotel [09.03.14]

It's Fashion Week in NYC again, and I will be covering a few select shows this season.

This morning was hot and humid in Manhattan, in an effort to compensate for the past two mild months of summer. Timo Weiland showcased their menswear line for Spring/Summer 2015 at the High Line Hotel, which is a gorgeous venue you'd want to marvel at for hours...unless it was 110% humidity inside with no A/C. No matter how many cold flavored seltzer waters they handed out, my body was overheating and my little iPhone lens attachment kept fogging up, involuntarily adding a glamour filter. This collection is approachable and chic, but honestly, I've been enjoying it more from the comfort of my air-conditioned desk.

The Warholian centerpiece.

How is this guy surviving the heat?
Look out for man-stripes next spring.


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