Holiday 2018 gift guide: gifts for men

There are two camps: those who think men are easy to shop for, and those who think they're hard to shop for. I tend to fall into the former—like most gift giving, it's a matter of knowing your audience. In this case, I had a particularly stylish, do-gooder, food- and drink-loving guy in mind, but these gifts would work in general for the dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, and various other guys on your list.

1. This pillow is technically for kids, but for one, it says "Love is très hot" and secondly, do you know any kids who like sriracha? Exactly.
Hot sauce pillow $94

2. This backpack looks very masculine and sturdy, with its leather trim and buckles galore. As a bonus, for every one sold, United by Blue will clean up one pound of waste from the ocean. Win-win.
United by Blue Derby Tier backpack $178

3. For those of us who've been scarred by trying to clean a George Foreman Grill, I've been told that there have been many advances in indoor grills since then, this top-rated one being among them.
Hamilton Beach indoor grill $69.99

4. This miraculous bike helmet signals left and right turns, and when the rider slows down. The perfect gift for, well, any bike rider, but especially the night owls.
Lumos smart bike helmet $180

5. For the times when you want a cocktail but are too lazy to look up the recipe, this ingenious shaker has several built into its sides. I'll take a negroni, please!
Nordstrom at Home recipe cocktail shaker $39

6. This vintage Polaroid camera is refurbished by hand and tricked out for a very everything-that's-old-is-new-again look. Also, pro tip: people look amazing on Polaroid film.
Impossible Project Polaroid camera $152

7. I think whomever invented the Tushy deserves a Nobel prize. It's a bidet that hooks up to your toilet's water supply, no batteries or power required. The downside: expect your guy to spend even longer in the bathroom.
Tushy classic $69

8. While nothing can fill the void of Anthony Bourdain's passing, the new edition of this book can at least try.
Where Chefs Eat $23.79

9. For the woke guy in your life, a sweatshirt to wear to his next rally. As a bonus, Everlane donates $5 to the ACLU for every 100% Human item sold.
Everlane 100% Human sweatshirt $50


Brooke said...

Great list! I love the sweatshirt!

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Annessa said...

The are all so good! I'm loving the sriacha bottle especially!


Carrie said...

LOL over cleaning a George Foreman Grill! I love this Hamilton Beach indoor grill!!! Hmmm! May be a good idea for my hubs!


Mica said...

Great gift guide, thanks for sharing! I always find guys so hard to buy for! :)

Hope that you are having a great week :) It's feeling like summer here, we are in the middle of a heatwave!

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Kelsey Bang said...

fun post! that polorid camera is super cool!

Michelle said...

I actually plan to get that cocktail shakers for a friend. What a great unique gift for anyone on your list