How I'm deep-cleaning my pores with witch hazel

This post is sponsored by Bioré, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Whenever I hear the name witch hazel, I think of a friendly witch named Hazel—like, she has spiky auburn hair and freckles, and maybe she's not into the whole being wicked thing—which is kind of a good metaphor for actual witch hazel. (Stick with me, I promise I'm going somewhere with this.) Witch hazel is a natural ingredient, known for its ability to tighten pores, purify, and heal skin—a good witch, not a wicked one. So it totally makes sense that Bioré®, champion of all things pore-related, has come out with a new line of products containing witch hazel to deep-clean and refine your pores. Here's how I'm incorporating Bioré's new Witch Hazel Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and Pore Clarifying Toner into my skincare routine.

So, first, let's talk about pores. I've always had prominent ones along my T-zone, and as I've gotten older, they've gotten bigger. That's no bueno. So while the rest of my face—upper forehead, cheeks, and neck—gets a gentle moisturizing routine, my nose and chin get the works. After cleansing, I pour a little Bioré Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Toner onto a cotton pad and give my pores a gentle but effective extra cleaning. The witch hazel acts as a natural astringent, restoring the balance of my skin while doing a little extra cleansing, and the salicylic acid controls oil and and treats blemishes.

Now that my T-zone is as clean as can be, time for the Bioré Witch Hazel Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strip. I've been using Bioré pore strips since I was in high school, and I have yet to find a better way to get the gunk out of my pores at home. Here's how it works: after cleansing (and toning, which we've just done), take the strip out of the package and wiggle it a little back and forth to loosen the slits. Then, make sure your nose is really wet so the strip can adhere to your skin and suck out all the nasty stuff. After drying your hands, remove the clear backing and press the strip onto your nose, smoothing out any bumps. Then, entertain yourself for 15–20 minutes while Bioré's C-bond technology works like a magnet to lift dirt, debris, and blackheads from your pores. Then comes the fun part: taking the strip off and being equally grossed out and fascinated by what just came out of your nose.

Both the toner and the pore strips have a nice, herby smell, and neither product irritates my sensitive skin. But the best part is that both products are under $10 and easily found at mass-market retailers like Wal-Mart. Which just goes to show that you don't have to pay a ton for good skincare—and that tried-and-true ingredients like witch hazel are effective for a reason. Thanks to again to Bioré for sponsoring this post!


KimMalk said...

I just have to say the photos for your post turned out adorable!

Mica said...

I remember using witch hazel in highschool too, although I don't remember what brand the stripes I used were I had those nose strips too, haha! I know what you mean about being amused and horrified when you pull them off!

Hope that you had a great weekend :) We had a fun but busy one with a kids birthday party. I've just posted my weekday wear linkup on my blog if you want to join :)

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Claire Justine said...

I love using these stripes but always forget until someone reminds me. I am not sure if I can get this brand here, I will have to have a look out for them :)

Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

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