What to wear with a fur vest

I have been searching high and low for the perfect fur vest for years. I thought I wanted a longer one in a lighter color, but that just made me look like a polar bear. Then I tried black and drapey, but that made me look strangely...well, like a black bear. In true Goldilocks fashion, the third vest I bought was just right, and now that I have it, I find myself wearing it constantly. It's like a nice, warm hug. And god knows I could use one this dark, cold, wet time of year. Here's one of my favorite ways to wear a fur vest.

When I was formulating this outfit, I hadn't intended to wear a coat, however it was in the 40s when we shot these, so a coat was kind of necessary. That said, I liked what my plaid coat (you last saw it here) brought to this look: the menswear tailoring and longer length are a nice contrast to the soft drape of the vest and tunic. This coat was one of the best purchases I made this season, so if you can still snag one—what's left is on major sale—it's worth it, for either this year or next.

And now, the vest. Full disclosure: this is a real rabbit fur vest. I am an animal lover but also a carnivore and personally find little distinction between wearing leather and fur. Also, for the most part, real fur is way better for the environment than faux, but to be fair, the best choice is upcycled or second-hand fur. Either way, wearing fur is a personal choice, and I don't begrudge you yours—I just wanted to get that out of the way. That said, this vest is knitted rabbit fur, which makes it much less bulky than your typical fur vest, and I found that this length—which hits right at the top of my hip—was the most flattering. It's so warm, it almost doesn't matter what I wear underneath, but I love the contrast of this longer tunic-style top (last seen on Black Friday). I'm in a size small in both the vest and top, for reference.

Because of the longer back length, the tunic I'm wearing actually works really well with leggings, but I wanted to contrast its drapiness with something a little more rigid, so I went with jeans. These Frame trousers (last seen in October) were a Nordstrom sale score, and they're one of my go-to pairs of denim. Because of the pockets, they feel just a little more dressed up than your average jean, but the fabric is so soft and comfortable (but thick enough to hold you in), I end up wearing them on the weekend too. They run true to size—I'm in a 28 for reference.

I bought this scarf after seeing it on several bloggers' Instagrams, and while it looked somewhat dramatic on them, the thing is HUGE in real life. (It's very "editorial" as we'd say in the biz.) Figuring how to drape it without looking like Bigfoot can be a challenge, but once you master it, it's super cozy. As for my shoes, I went with my trusty Golden Goose sneakers, which I wear nonstop IRL (you last saw them in wine country), and even though I said I'd take a break from my A.P.C. bag (you last saw it with leggings), well, I lied. We're going steady, and we're as strong as ever.

We shot these photos at Horse & Plow winery near Sebastapol, California, and while I can't say that you can expect to learn much about the wines (or ciders) there, it's a great place to grab a glass at the end of the day and just hang out, which is exactly what we did. My Russian River travel diary is coming soon, so stay posted!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Avec les Filles coat (also here) | 525 America fur vest | Cuddl Duds tunic (c/o) | Frame Parisian jeans | Free People Jaden scarf (also here) | A.P.C. Sac demi-lune | Golden Goose Superstar sneakers


The Elle Diaries said...

I love the fur vest and the rich camel scarf and the beautiful plaid coat. I completely agree, but seldom comment upon, the issue of real fur versus faux. I do agree that the best choice is secondhand genuine fur. I wish it were made it a way that was cruelty free,
But I worry that all of the fast fashion that produces faux fur promotes buying it in many colors and many patterns that are very trendy. Because of this, it promotes buying too many of this particular category, and in fact these are composed of synthetic materials which do not degrade and only pollute the landfills.
Genuine fur, is warm, it keeps for generations. When a coat becomes out of style, it is often re fashioned into a scarf, throw or a pillow even. It does not end up in landfills like the ubiquitous teddy coats, will.. further, if it did end up in the landfill, I believe it would degrade rather naturally.
Thank you for sharing this honest and thoughtful post. I really like your outfit, your style, and your candor.,

Straight A Style said...

I love my fur vest, but I confess I do not wear it often enough. I love how you have layered yours.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Laura B said...

I only have a few real fur pieces, but I absolutely love the feeling of them. They are much softer, warmer, and last longer so if you can swing it and agree with it, I think real fur is the way to go. Love this gorgeous vest on you!

Mica said...

I know this post is all about the vest but I have to say I'm loving that scarf! What a fun statement piece! :) You wear it well.

Away From The Blue

Claire Justine said...

Lovely photos Cheryl.

Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Blog Hop.

Ruth Josey said...

The vest is gorgeous. I'd love to find a vest like that one (mine will be faux but that's just me and to each his own) and have my eyes open for one that looks like yours. Real fur IS definitely much warmer!