Mother's Day gift guide

PSA: Mother's Day is Sunday May, 12th, which is sooner than you think! If your mom is anything like mine, she's not the easiest person to shop for. Hopefully the ideas below will make your Mother's Day shopping excursion a bit easier. (Hey, it's what I'm here for!)

1. Everything Clare V does is cool, and the fact that this sweatshirt benefits Every Mother Counts (a charitable organization) makes this one even cooler.
Clare V x Every Mother Counts sweatshirt $125

2. Nameplate necklaces are back (although, did they ever totally go away?), but I like this one because it's a more general yet meaningful word than one's own name.
Zoe Chicco mama necklace $295

3. I sleep on a silk pillowcase, and not only does it prevent breakage (which is necessary when you have fragile hair like mine), but it also won't strip the moisture from your skin.
Slipsilk pillowcase $95

4. Speaking of moisture, this is hands down (pun intended) the fanciest hand cream around, plus if you're like me and you borrow your mom's all the time, you'll get to use it too.
Chanel La Creme Main $50

5. I have a similar electric kettle, and not only does it heat up faster than boiling water on the stove, the fact that you can adjust the temperature means no more scalding yourself on that first sip.
Smeg retro variable temperature kettle $199.95

6. I'm kind of fascinated by weighted blankets—they supposedly help you de-stress and sleep better. And couldn't every mom benefit from that?
Sleep Philosophy weighted blanket $95.99 (on sale)


Carrie said...

That silk pillowcase is so cute with the stripes! Mine is just solid gray!! I think I need one like that!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I do hear really good things about silk pillows. All fun ideas here!


Darlene said...

These are nice ideas, Cheryl. Very unique! Thanks for shopping for us...

xx Darlene

Kate said...

This is a great guide! I still need to get my mom a gift, so I'll definitely keep these in mind!
-Kate //

Budgeting Belle 80 said...

I think the silk pillow would be an excellent gift.