How Zuni and I are celebrating National Fetch Day

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As the owner of a dog who LOVES to play fetch, National Fetch Day is unofficially every day at my house. But officially, October 19th is the big day, and it’s about more than just playing fetch (although that is a big part). National Fetch Day is all about getting outside, meeting other dog owners, and, most importantly, playing. So what better way to celebrate than with Zuni’s favorite toy, the ChuckIt Launcher?

I am not at all athletic, but the ChuckIt Launcher makes me feel like Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass. In other words, the ball goes much farther, so Zuni gets a good run in every time. You can also use the launcher to pick the ball up, so you don’t have to get down on the ground and touch a slobber-coated ball every time your dog drops it. Pretty handy!

But playing fetch is more than just throwing a ball and catching it. For one, it’s a way for Zuni to burn off energy—and believe me, as a puppy, she has A LOT. For another, it’s a way for her to use instinctual hunting skills that she was bred to have. We also get to practice commands like “drop it” and “watch.” But most importantly, playing fetch is a way for us to bond—Zuni gets to do something that she enjoys and spend quality time with me, her owner. Everyone wins!

As for where we play fetch, since Zuni is still young (and prone to wandering off), we prefer to go to dog parks that are fully fenced in. Thankfully there are a bunch in San Francisco—we shot these at Corona Heights Park, which has a bonus lovely view of the skyline. Dog parks are a great way to socialize your pet—Zuni said hi to this little gal in between running after her ball—and even to meet other dog owners. Playing fetch brings everybody together!

Will you be celebrating National Fetch Day? Click the link to find events in a location near you!


Darlene said...

Oh, I love this, Cheryl!! Your little Zuni is so cute! Our new adoptee, Lulu, loves to play ball, and I really must get a ChuckIt! Thanks for sharing.

xx Darlene

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Pets rich out lives dont they! Lovely!

Mica said...

Your pup is so cute! :)

Our little rescue Shih Tzu is scared of balls - maybe he had a bad experience before we adopted him, who knows! But the dog we are dogsitting loves them and has one of these, it's such a good idea!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

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