Fall trends: buckle bags

I had meant to publish this last week, but life (and Halloween) got in the way, and even though it's November, it's definitely still fall. Plus, this trend is kind of seasonless, so it almost doesn't matter when you buy it—although now is always a good time. When it comes to bags, I'm definitely more of a minimalist—I usually don't go for a lot of bells and whistles in terms of hardware, but lately I've been gravitating toward something with a nice big buckle. It's a step above minimalist, but by no means maximalist. Here are my favorite buckle bags for fall.

1. This bag is a little over the top with the faux-croc embossing and multicolored buckle, but somehow it works—and the price is right.
ASOS crossbody bag $35

2. Boyy is the brand that pretty much started this trend, so I thought I'd give credit where credit is due. This particular iteration is comically small, but as far as super-structured bags go, I think the smaller the better.
Boyy Bobby bag $1,395

3. I've had my eye on See by Chloe's bags for several seasons now—they're way more affordable than the main line and just as chic (if not chicer).
See by Chloe Hopper bag $460

4. This bag is an investment—and maybe not the wisest considering it's a light-colored suede—but I love how oversized yet minimal the buckle is.
Roger Vivier Belle de Jour bag $2,395

5. If you haven't heard the news, Zac Posen's company is folding, so that makes this bag a little bittersweet. I like that this one is colorblocked—it makes it a little more fun and unexpected.
Zac Posen Biba crossbody $325

6. This one is a pretty blatant ChloĆ© knockoff, but I'm not mad at that—the buckle is a little more subtle and the round shape is surprisingly roomy.
Mango buckle bag $59.99

7. Much like the ASOS bag above, this is more of a statement buckle, especially considering its side in relation to the rest of the bag. But somehow it all works.
Les Petits Joueurs Cindy hobo $590

8. I love a good hobo bag, and this one takes it a step further with a fabulous buckle, which has the added benefit of keeping the open top secured. This one comes in several colors but I felt most drawn to this gorgeous deep green.
Jimmy Choo Madeline bucket bag $1,650


Brooke said...

I sure do love this trend, so cute!! Number 6 gets all the heart eyes from me!


Mica said...

I love the little circle bag, so very cute! The big buckle is a great statement to have on a bag. While I don't have any, I do have an old school Chloe paddington (remember those?!) which has a pretty big padlock - i should get it out again!

Hope that you are having a great weekend! We went for our annual family Christmas photo with Santa yesterday, with two kids and a dog it didn't quite go as planned, ha!

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