What to wear while sheltering in place

I know what you're thinking, so I'm going to cut to the chase: yes, I am wearing sweatpants AND Uggs at the same time. To be honest, I did it on the regular before this coronavirus thing happened, however it was usually while walking my dog early in the morning and it rarely showed up here. But these are strange days, and times have certainly changed. I am definitely dressing for comfort nowadays, however I spend most of my time on Zoom calls for work, so I do need to look somewhat presentable. Perhaps you've heard of this concept as "dressing from the waist up" and that's exactly what this outfit is: a somewhat presentable ensemble on top and a hot mess on the bottom. I encourage you to fully embrace it. 

The key to looking pulled together in practically any instance is to wear a blazer. I wear them with jeans, skirts, and even sweatpants; they're the best kind of outfit band-aid that exists. However, considering everyone else you're Zooming with is wearing sweats, you don't want to overdress for the occasion. This J.Crew blazer (last seen in December) will never be accused of looking too formal, yet it's just polished enough to make you feel like you made an effort. It's also knit, so it's basically like wearing a cardigan and thus feels like an appropriate level of coziness for working from home. J.Crew has been running sales left and right, so hopefully you can score one for 40% off or so. Keep in mind this style runs a bit big, although I find the sleeves to be alarmingly short. I'm in a small, for reference. 

I recently saw another blogger post on IG about how she is no longer wearing woven tops because she's really is a knits person, and I felt a bit of kinship with her. As much as I love the look of a button-down shirt, knits are hands down more comfortable, and they're what I've been reaching for in the last few weeks. A navy-and-white breton stripe tee is just a wardrobe essential, and I like the more airy knit of this one; it looks just a little fancier. Mine is several seasons old and from Rag & Bone but I've linked a more current version below. 

Now, let's talk about sweatpants. I've actually made a rule that I'm only allowed to wear them twice a week, because I feel like I don't want to enable a COVID-20-pound weight gain. (Wasn't it Karl Lagerfeld who said elastic waistbands are the devil's playground?) That said, it's really a struggle not to wear these every day, because they're so freaking comfy and soft. I love that the fabric miraculously does not pill, and the cut is actually somewhat flattering. These are the first item I've tried from Lou & Grey and I can assure you they won't be the last. I'm in a size small, for reference. 

I've also been rocking a big, cozy scarf while working from home; I live in an old, drafty Victorian and am often freezing during the day, however this scarf has an added benefit of feeling like a security blanket. It looks slightly ridiculous, so I'd recommend ditching it for your Zoom calls. As for my footwear, I am embarrassed to see how dirty my Uggs are on camera (they don't look that bad in person, I promise)! Then again, that could be because they've been my go-to dog-walking footwear for the last three weeks. Still, focus on the waist up instead. ;) 

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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I am glad you are keeping it real girl! Stay safe!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Cheryl, I think you look adorable! This is basically how I have been dressing every day as well. And I am always freezing so I always have a giant scarf around my neck, too. I love this! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


mummabstylish said...

Adorable and very comfy looking Cheryl. Thanks for sharing you lovely look. Jacqui xx

Laura B said...

Great tips! I'm all about the knits too! I just got 3 pairs of joggers and have been wearing them with knit tops for a combination of comfortable and semi-acceptable. I mean it's better than pajamas, right?! You look really cute!

Gata Collins said...

Love this look!

Elizabeth Walker said...

Such an amazing look! I love it!

Aidan Brogan said...

Such a simple yet beautiful outfit!

Shauna Crymble said...

Do you know that you look so adorable??? Love you and your blog!

Jessica Jannenga said...

Darling look! I want a pair by Lou and Grey! I have a pair of paperbag pants from that line and they are soft. Great booties too.
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Jess said...

This outfit is super cute! Definitely deceptive for those Zoom calls! :)

Sumer Madaan said...

Looking great :)

Ruth Josey said...

I absolutely think this is the perfect solution to working from home and video conferences. A lot of the newspeople who are broadcasting from home now have been showing what they wear on the bottom half and it's been pretty similar. Me? Leggings and bedroom slippers on the bottom. I'm still having to go to the office daily, though, but that's what I wore yesterday afternoon for a family get-together on Zoom. Nice top with jewelry even, but totally comfy waist down. Thanks so much for sharing and I don't think your UGGS look dirty at all.


Anonymous said...

Well done! I’ve never been of the opinion that style and comfort need to be at odds.


Mica said...

I love that scarf! It's so cosy and perfect with that blazer :) I like a good mix of comfort and style like this! :) We don't often do video calls at work, it's more phone conferences, so I don't feel the pressure to dress up yet :) I am trying to ease back into wearing proper clothes though, to get out of loungewear and pyjamas, haha!

Hope that you had a nice weekend :) Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! A new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again.

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