What to wear with a sweater vest

I featured sweater vests in my fall trend report last year, and while I had meant to do an outfit post with one soon thereafter, it's better late than never, right? The other issue is that I was going to feature a sweater vest from. H&M—the cut of which I really love—but it started to pill like crazy after wearing it a couple times, and I didn't feel comfortable recommending something that was, to be frank, a piece of crap. The good news is that I found an even better option, and here's how I've been wearing it. 

Sweater vests are the perfect layer for the times when you don't need a full sweater, but you do need something warmer than a long-sleeve tee—this happens frequently in San Francisco and probably many other parts of the world. I feel like I owned a lot of vests (not just the sweater variety) in the early '90s, and I'm kind of surprised it took so long for them to come back into fashion, but here they are in their practical glory. This Isabel Marant sweater vest was a ThredUp find, and after seeing her current-season prices, whew, I'm glad I got such a great deal (I've linked a similar style below as well). The longer length is perfect for butt coverage with leggings, and this one has a side zipper as well, which adds a little interest as well as adjustability. It's nice and thick, too—it's warm enough to have some function to it. I layered a lightweight, long-sleeve tee underneath and was super cozy even on a cold winter day. I think it will be a great transitional piece, and I want to try it over a dress when the weather starts to warm up. But for now, leggings are a reality.

Speaking of which, I've been trying to limit my leggings wear to a couple days a week, but since it's so chilly and I'm almost exclusively in pants this time of year, it's kind of hard not to. Thankfully as far as leggings go, these are actually kind of elevated because they have a built-in skirt, so it kind of feels like you made an effort. Not only does the skirt provide flattering butt and hip coverage, it allows you to wear a shorter top with them, if you so choose; I like to think of it as added insurance against sheer bum syndrome. These leggings are by Cabi (you last saw them in a dark neutral look), which is a direct sales brand, but I've linked an almost identical pair below in black. 

You last saw this black teddy coat in wine country, but IRL, I wear it all the time—it is so soft and cozy, and it looks equally good with dressier things (like, um, dresses) as well as casual looks like this one. It's also the first coat I reach for when I walk my dog, which means you know it's good. I'm also happy to say that it survived its first machine wash, and, really, is there anything better than a coat that you can throw in the washer? This coat is a no-brainer—it's also under $50—and it runs generously true to size (I'm in my usual small and can fit a bulky sweater underneath, no problem). 

I had meant to wear a different pair of boots with this outfit but grabbed my Jimmy Choos by accident, which is just as well, because they're clearly my go-to pair this season (you last saw them in my first post of the year). I love this style because they have that combat-Chelsea boot vibe that's very popular right now, but they're a little more refined and less chunky. I think the gold buckles are really chic too. If this is your first time seeing them, they are super comfy and I love wearing them with leggings; Saks has been offering steep discounts on them rather frequently, and they're definitely worth the investment, even at full price. And speaking of investments, yes, my Balenciaga bag is one, but I've had mine for over a decade now and it only gets better with age. Like us women, right? ;)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Uniqlo teddy coat | Isabel Marant vest (current season here or here; budget version here) | Alexander Wang tee (similar here) | Cabi leggings (similar here) | Jimmy Choo Youth boots | Balenciaga city bag (current version here


windowtothebeauty said...

Really lovely and comfortable outfit 😍😍 Regards!

FashionRadi said...

For sure the perfect layering piece. Love it lots for that reason.


Laura B said...

I love your layering! This is so chic! You can't go wrong with all neutral colors!

Lovely said...

Such a cozy and comfy look! Love your boots!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh that would be great for me as I love to layer! Luckily you found a better option! Great coat too!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

This is such a cute, cozy, and comfortable look, Cheryl! Those boots are so good. I can see why they are your go-to shoes. I love this style of sweater vest but it never seems to work for me. In fact, I have 3 or 4 similar ones listed on Poshmark because I gave up trying! But I really like the way you have styled the sweater vest and it looks fantastic on you!


Mica said...

Such a cosy outfit! that knit looks so good on you and I like the longer length! I have had couple pieces like this but we don't need a lot of knits here, it just doesn't get that cold, so they eventually left my wardrobe from being worn so little!

Thank you so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

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