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As I mentioned in my inaugural Things I've bought on Amazon that I love post, I try to shop small and local when I can, but I'm only human and sometimes convenience wins out. Cheryl Shops is a judgment-free zone, so I feel safe sharing with you that I not only buy things on Amazon, but I thoroughly enjoy them as well. I've been making a bunch of upgrades to my apartment over the last several months, and here are some of my recent best buys. 

1. I bought these hanging planters for growing herbs, which was one of my 2020 resolutions. While growing herbs from scratch did not quite pan out, I discovered you can grow mint, sage, and basil (plus rosemary, oregano, and thyme) in water, so that's what I'm using them for now—and it's such a success, I might order another set so I can have the full Scarborough Fair effect.

MyGift modern ceramic hanging planters $24.99 for three

2. After two mirrors that I ordered from another retailer arrived shattered in hundreds of pieces, and not wanting to wait another week for a third to arrive, I gave up and ordered this round mirror. I was worried about the rubber edge, but it strangely feels like metal after all. More importantly, it arrived in perfect condition and looks gorgeous above my fireplace.

Umbra 34" Hubba mirror $96.79

3. I've been cultivating a small jungle during the pandemic and through the magic of Pinterest, have discovered the wonders of plant stands. Not only do they protect your wooden floors from leaky pots, but they allow you to layer in twice as many plant babies! You can use this one at either height, depending on how much off the ground you want your plant to sit. And while I also own these, I recommend spending a bit more on this stand, as it's much sturdier. 

Cosyland plant stand $22.98

4. I resisted buying a weighted blanket for awhile because I am generally a sound sleeper, albeit a hot one. This one isn't so heavy that it feels suffocating (we have the 20-pound version), and yet I sleep like a bear underneath it, with no night sweats at all. Pro tip: if you want it to cover your entire bed, order a size bigger—I have a queen bed and a king-size blanket, and it's just the right size to tuck in. 

CuteKing weighted bamboo blanket $89.99

5. I actually received remote-controlled LED candles as a Christmas present last year and it's one of my unexpected favorite gifts of all time. I had them in my fireplace until we started actually using it to burn wood, and now they're in the bedroom as mood lighting, if you know what I mean. This set is even bigger than the one I have, and if brings you a fraction of the joy that mine brings me, then it's well worth $21.

Vinkor LED candle set $20.99 

6. I have an antique marble-top dresser that I love (it belonged to my grandma), however the drawers are huge and were constantly a mess until I worked some Marie Kondo magic with these expandable dividers. I have spring-loaded versions of this in my kitchen drawers that are constantly shifting around, but these have a clamp on the side that locks them in a much more secure fashion. Not only are my drawers tidier, they can magically fit even more (sorry, Marie). 

mDesign adjustable drawer dividers $22.99 for a set of 4

For more of my favorite Amazon finds, please visit the Cheryl Shops Amazon page


Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

Those wooden plant stands are so cute!! I've been wanting a few of them. I need to check them out.


Mica said...

I love the LED candle idea! I have been using a lot of scented candles while working from home but it's hard having them out around the kids other times - that seems like a good alternative! :)

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) We went to the rainforest again yesterday, the kids had the best time!

Away From Blue

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Lots of great Amazon finds for the home, Cheryl! My 9 year old asked for a weighted blanket for Christmas. We got him a 12 pound one and it has completely solved our 9 year long ongoing issue of him climbing into our bed every single night! I think since he started sleeping with the weighted blanket at Christmas time, he has come into our bedroom once! I am a big advocate for the weighted blanket and really want one for myself now.


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