What to wear in February

It's only the second week of February, but it's the time in the season when I start to get bored with my winter clothes. I also tend to get into a big sweaters-and-jeans rut this time of year, and while that's what I'm wearing in these photos, I decided to lighten up my palette with some springier colors. The result was something fresher and more mood-lifting than anything I've worn in weeks. So just a reminder, especially to myself: just because it's dark and dreary outside doesn't mean your outfit has to be too. 

When it comes to outerwear, nothing is more classic or versatile than a camel coat. It goes with nearly every color in existence, and because it's lighter in tone, it feels a little more optimistic than black or navy or even gray. There's also something so luxurious about camel; you'd think the dry-cleaning would cost you a fortune, but in reality, it can take a little wear and tear quite well. I also love the soft, drapey feel of this double-faced coat—it's basically like wearing a fancy bathrobe in public and nearly as soft. I love how warm and rich it feels against the pale pink and white in the rest of my outfit. You last saw this coat with a fisherman sweater; Uniqlo makes a version of it nearly every year, and while this season's is nearly sold out, there are still a few sizes left (I'm in my usual small for reference). 

It's been a few years since you've seen this sweater (since this post in 2018 to be exact), but it survived my latest closet purge, and I'm glad it did, because it does indeed spark joy. I love that it's pink without being PINK, and it reminds me of our trip to France and Geneva, where I bought it. It's also a reminder that a little color goes a long way in lifting your mood in winter. This exact sweater is a little lighter than what I'd normally wear in winter, but that's what layers are for. It's also long gone from stores, but I've linked a very similar (and way more affordable) style below. 

As I've said many times before, I am a firm believer in wearing white jeans year round, as long as you're not wearing them in the rain or snow, which can get messy. These are Old Navy's power slim straight jeans, and they're on regular rotation in my wardrobe (you last saw them in wine country). I like how they kind of fade into the waistband of my sweater, but they don't look like they're a part of it. These jeans are on major sale at the moment (and no longer available in every size, sadly), and I hope they're coming back in white again this year because they're the perfect weight—not too stiff, not too lightweight—and incredibly flattering as far as white jeans go. This style has magic hidden pockets that really suck you in, but they do run true to size—I'm in my usual 6. 

It's also been awhile since you're seen my belt bag (last with lace-up sandals), although I assure you it's in heavy quarantine-chic rotation. Are belt bags on their way out? I don't care, I still love mine. I like how the darker tan color helps break up my sweater and jeans without feeling too out of place. And pro tip: to elongate your legs in white jeans, wear white sneakers with them. These are, of course, my beloved Golden Goose sneakers, which you most recently saw last month with a ruched dress. I am still planning to do a post dedicated just to this workhorse pair, so stay tuned! 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Uniqlo coat (similar here) | Zadig & Voltaire sweater (similar here) | Old Navy power slim straight jeans | Madewell belt bag (similar here) | Golden Goose Superstar sneakers 


Laura B said...

That sweater is so pretty! And it looks comfortable and cozy too! The best kind of sweater!

Mica said...

What a gorgeous ombre knit! you're right, it pairs so nicely with the white jeans and the camel coat is such a good topper! :)

Hope your week is going well :) It's a busy one here!

Away From Blue

Darlene said...

Cheryl, I love your description of camel as more optimistic than a black coat! So true! I love your low-key classic style!

xx Darlene

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Winter White! And a bit of camel. I love that coat! Such a classic!

Jessica Jannenga said...

I do love wearing white jeans year round too. Love that sweater it is soft in color and I like the ombre style. I am eyeing your belt bag and would get a leather one like this for our European vacation ( whenever that happens!)
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Maureen said...

Cute outfit Cheryl! I love the dip dye sweater but your coat takes the cake. It’s stunning!

Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

Shelbee on the Edge said...

What a great sweater, Cheryl! I also love that it is pink without being overbearingly pink. The ombre coloring is so pretty and it works perfectly the way it flows into your white denim. Such a lovely outfit to bring some spring vibes to this harsh and cold winter!