What to buy at Everlane

I have shopped at Everlane for years—the oldest receipt I found in my Gmail is from 2014, but l'm pretty sure we go back even further. I've stuck around all these years because they make pretty decent luxury basics at incredibly appealing prices, in a (mostly) ethical way. As someone who works in retail marketing, I appreciate their boundary-pushing ways of doing business (product waitlists and drops to build anticipation; sharing cost breakdowns and factory information; their choose-what-you-pay sales), however I think they sometimes come across as a little high on their own supply, and turns out they weren't so "radically transparent" about certain things. But, hey, people make mistakes, and I appreciate when companies take responsibility for their missteps and do try to make things better. So I'll keep shopping and advocating for Everlane, which is, after all, a local (albeit rapidly expanding) business based in San Francisco. While I'm not a superfan, I have bought quite a lot at Everlane over the years. Here are my favorite pieces. 

The Straight Leg Crop

I had bought a pair of jeans once before at Everlane and it didn't go so well, but I LOVE the fit of these straight-leg cropped pants. They are very fitted (but stretchy) in the waist, then gently flare into a super flattering straight-leg cut. I like the cropped length (not too short!) too. These run true to size (I'm in my usual 6). Keep reading for the blazer and tee—they're Everlane too! 

The Oversized Blazer

This is one of the pricier items Everlane sells, but I can tell you, if you've recently been looking for a tailored blazer that's not made out of polyester, this stretch wool blend is both a needle in a haystack and a stone cold bargain. I love how classic this piece is, and I pretty much live in it in the winter. The key word, however is oversized; it runs HUGE—I sized down to a 4 and it's still very generous. 

The Cashmere Crew

There are now direct-to-consumer cashmere brands who sell sweaters for even less, but Everlane's $100 cashmere sweaters were revolutionary at the time of their debut. They're not as thick or soft as they used to be, but I feel like you just can't go wrong with a cashmere sweater. I do size up to a medium in this one, just to err on the side of roominess. 

The Cashmere Turtleneck Dress

This is one of my favorite winter dresses, and I hope I'll have it for the rest of my life (so far, so good). It's cashmere, it's a turtleneck, it's a dress—what's not to love? I also sized up to a medium in this one, although I probably didn't have to. I should also mention that it's on major sale right now, so if your size is still in stock, I'd recommend pouncing on it. 

The Cashmere Turtleneck

I am also a fan of Everlane's regular old cashmere turtleneck sweater. Mine is several years old and they've since updated the shape to a more cropped, boxy version (better with today's higher-waisted, wider-legged pants). Again, I sized up to a medium for a slouchier fit. 

The Texture Cotton Cardigan

I fully went to the Everlane store with another cardigan in mind, but this one enchanted me and, to this day, remains one of my favorite in-between-weather sweaters. The cropped shape is also perfect with high-waist jeans. They've updated the silhouette slightly with more buttons, but it's pretty much the same sweater. It runs a big big; I'm in a small. 

The Oversized Alpaca Crew

Ok, best sweater for last. That's right, I love this sweater even more than my cashmere ones. It looks basic but is secretly really design-y, with subtle lantern sleeves, a thick neckline, and a really cool heathered yarn. It is also really soft and warm yet breathable. This is the definition of an elevated basic. And "oversized" is accurate—I'm in a small.

The Modern Trench

This currently only comes in khaki (which I'm tempted to get), but the trench coat was one of Everlane's first forays into outerwear, and what's not to love about this perfectly cut classic? It's water-repellant (not waterproof), which makes it kind of perfect for San Francisco fog; not to mention, the weight is ideal for most of the year here. I'd say this one runs true to size; I'm in small, and it's actually pretty fitted. 

The Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt

I love this shirt so much, I own it in two colors. A good silk shirt just looks so effortlessly classy, and you feel like a fancy lady in one. My one quibble is that this style is dry-clean only, however I may switch my allegiance to their newer washable silk shirt. I should also note that this style used to run huge (I'm wearing a size down in mine) but it looks like they've adjusted the fit since I've bought mine. 

The Air Oversized Crew Tee

Air is an appropriate name for this light, drapey tee, as is oversized. The fabric does not pill, and so far, it hasn't yellowed. One thing to note: you really do have to air-dry this tee. I also have the long-sleeved version and learned the hard way that it does indeed shrink in the dryer. Oversized is once again an accurate descriptor of the fit; I'm in a small, but I like my T-shirts a little big. 

The Lightweight French Terry Crew

Everlane's sweatshirts age like a fine wine; they don't pill and they just seem to get softer with age. I feel like this was one of the first things I bought from Everlane (this outfit is from a very old shoot!) and it's even better now. Their sweatshirts run true to size; I'm in a small. 

The Cashmere Beanie

One more cashmere piece for the road! I've had this hat for years and not managed to lose it, which is a feat I'm very proud of. Like all of Everlane's cashmere, it's very soft, fairly thick, and a pretty good deal. Plus, Sean has been known to borrow mine from time to time, so you know it makes a good gift too ;) 


Laura B said...

You've gotten some amazing classic pieces from Everlane that look beautiful on you!

Mica said...

You have bought some great things from this brand! I really like that trench :)

I've only ever heard good things about Everlane but shipping fees and poor exchange rates have always put me off, haha! People rave about the cashmere but it's not really cold enough for cashmere most of the year here!

Hope you are having a good weekend :) We spent some time at the park today, it was lovely.

Away From The Blue

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

I really love that fall colored outfit with the cashmere turtleneck sweater!! So beautiful, esp with the jacket over it. I have noticed other bloggers talking about Everlane, I need to go in their store and check it out sometime.


Lovely said...

Such wonderful picks! Love the cashmere sweater and the silk shirt!

ChicSew said...

My wife keeps talking about what style of clothes she wears in the fall. Now I can share your article with her.

Jessica Jannenga said...

So many beautiful classic pieces! My favorite may be the camel cashmere turtleneck and the brown plaid blazer combo. I need a few more staples like this, so I will check them out. The straight jeans look great too!
thanks for linking!
jess xx