What to wear on Galentine's Day

February means many different things to different people; it's Black History month, my best friend's birthday, Super Bowl Sunday, Presidents' Day weekend, Groundhog Day, and, of course, Valentine's Day, which, even though I'm in a relationship, is kind of the worst made-up holiday of them all. I've decided not to do any formal Valentine's Day content this year; you dear readers tend not to be very interested in it, and since every other content creator is doing V-Day gift guides and outfits and such, you have many other places to find ideas, should you need them. That said, this could pass for a date-night look, although I feel like it's an outfit my girlfriends would appreciate more than my partner. I always dress for myself first, but when I go out with friends, I do find myself reaching for something that I think they'd like, whether it's a fun dress, a power blazer, killer shoes, or all of the above, as in this look. Since Galentine's Day is coming up on February 13th, here's what I'd wear. 

Iro dress

Unless we're going somewhere super-casual, I almost always wear a dress when I go out with my girlfriends. To me, it says, "You're important to me, so I'm going to make an effort to look cute." Also, many women I know (not all, for sure!) just appreciate a good dress, especially if it has pockets. This one does not, but I still love it. The mock turtleneck and ivory color give me slight Sharon-Stone-in-Basic-Instinct vibes, but the voluminous sleeves and textured fabric make it a little sweeter and more approachable. With its teensy ruffle trim, this dress is actually a bit more coquettish than what I'd normally wear, but it's by Iro, one of my favorite brands; I came across it while browsing Poshmark, took a chance, and am glad I did. It's several seasons old, but I've linked Iro's current version here. Note: Iro sizing can be all over the place; this is actually a size bigger than what I'd normally wear. 

Zara blazer 

I wanted to feature this Zara blazer several months ago when I bought it, but in spite of the fact that I've basically been living in it—it's especially great for traveling—the timing wasn't right until now. After seeing Brooklyn Blonde's impeccably tailored double-breasted blazer, I decided I absolutely had to have one, and I was willing to invest in a good one...until I discovered that nearly every black double-breasted blazer under $800 is polyester. Yep, even Veronica Beard. (And, yes, I looked on The Real Real too!) So off to Zara I went. I am actually really happy with this one, and for $89.90, it felt like the steal of the century. The length is long enough to wear with skinny jeans (yep, still wearing them!) or thick leggings, but it's tailored enough to not look shapeless or overwhelming, which can sometimes happen with longer, boyfriend-style blazers. One thing to note: the arms run really small on this style, so I had to size up to a large, which is now a tad bit big through the hip. (I should take the money I saved and get this properly tailored to fit me even better.) But there's also enough room for a sweater underneath, which is a nice bonus this time of year. 

Isabel Marant Dernee boots

If you've been reading Cheryl Shops for awhile, you'll know that I often build my outfits around my shoes, and, yep, that's exactly what I did here. I treated myself to these Isabel Marant boots after a particularly successful month here on the blog, and after an initial panic of thinking they don't go with anything, I've found that they go with everything. They especially look good with skinny jeans tucked in (yep, I'm still wearing 'em—take that, Gen Z!), but I think they're even better with a dress. They're kind of like a sexier cowboy boot, with the thinner heel and soft curves. They are also surprisingly comfortable to walk in, and this is coming from someone who wears house slippers 75% of her day. In other words, they're the kind of shoes that women love. They run true to size—I'm in my usual 39—and they're totally worth the investment. 

Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag

I've been itching to buy a new bag (maybe for my birthday) but I'm trying to be responsible about it, so first I'm taking all my old bags out for a spin to see if I really need to invest in another one. I forgot how much I loved this Jerome Dreyfuss bag, which I've had for a very long time (you last saw it in Healdsburg) but which is still in incredibly good shape—to the point that I'm thinking maybe I should invest in another one of his. Then again, I think it's true love for me and the Bobi. And speaking of love, fun fact: Jerome Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant are married! (Ok, that's my one nod to Valentine's Day here, I promise.)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Iro dress (current season here) | Zara blazer | Isabel Marant Dernee boots | Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi bag (current version here)


Carrie said...

Those boots are everything to me in this post, I love the design of them and they look great with that dress. I agree, I love to dress up and wear something I know my girlfriends will like when I see them. My husband doesn't appreciate my outfits as much (bless him!). I really like the texture on the dress. Great look!


Lovely said...

What a gorgeous dress! I would totally wear this look.

Mica said...

That is such a cute dress - I love the texture! And I really like the boots too. the blazer was definitely a good buy and looks fab with the dress :) I won't be wearing anything special or doing anything special for Valentine's day - it's not really celebrated here although you might see a few stores put some flowers out for it. It's just another day for us in Australia!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We had a playdate yesterday and today is the last day of the summer school holidays :)

Away From The Blue

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

Your dress is gorgeous! Love how you styled this chic look!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Distinctly Southern Style said...

Your dress is gorgeous!
I love your blazer!


Laura B said...

That dress is so cute on you! I love the texture! The blazer is fab too!

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love this outfit! That jacket is sharp! I bought a few from Zara this year and the blazers are made well. Those boots are eye catching and are a fun mix with the feminine dress.
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Anonymous said...

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