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Amazon is many things to many people: incredibly convenient, possibly evil, a source of income, an undeniable and almost unavoidable force. It also happens to be a great source for hard-to-find yet amazing beauty products from around the world. Here are 9 of my favorite beauty products with a cult following, and you can find them all on Amazon

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I've featured this product so many times, I feel kind of dumb bringing it up again, but it's hard to find here in the US and it's probably the #1 thing I buy at duty-free when I travel internationally (remember when we used to do that?). More importantly, this body oil smells ah-MAY-zing and hydrates like no other. Also, the price right now is so low (thanks, weak global economy), you don't even have go to go Europe for it. 

ESARORA Ice Roller

I am a crier. I can't help it—I feel it all. Sometimes I go weeks without a good cry; sometimes it happens multiple days in a row. No matter if it's a 5-minute or 5-hour cry (don't judge), I usually end up with a telltale puffy face the next morning. This miraculous device doesn't erase all the evidence, but it definitely helps, and I swear, it's the most soothing thing ever to touch your face. Also works for seasonal allergies, hangovers, and too much sodium. 

COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence

I bought this product after reading an article about it—it's apparently a dupe for SK-II essence, which I've never actually tried, but I know people get fanatical about (and, um, it's $185). I didn't know what to expect, but what I got was perfectly balanced skin—the oily parts are less shiny and porous-looking, and the dry parts feel more hydrated and plump. This was my entrée product for this brand, and so far I've loved everything of theirs I've tried (see more recommendations in how to depuff your face). 

Magic Root Cover-Up

Once upon a time, a stylist named R colored my hair, and he had a miraculous technique that ensured my roots grew in subtly, without that telltale cutoff stripe. Like nearly everyone else who's not a tech millionaire, R got priced out of the city, moved to Arizona, and left me in the hands of his colleague who, while lovely, can't seems to blend my roots in quite the same way. So this spray gets me through those last few weeks in between appointments, with pretty impressive results considering the price point. 

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water

I work in the beauty industry and get a lot of free cleansers, and let me tell you, nothing is better than this micellar water. It gets even the most stubborn eye makeup or longwear lipstick off, without stripping away moisture or causing any weird reactions. If for some reason this ever stops being produced, I will hoard cases of it for the rest of my life—that's how holy-grail good it is. 

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

As someone with skimpy eyelashes, I love lash extensions in theory—who doesn't love an I-woke-up-like-this look with zero actual makeup?—but they're expensive and the upkeep is a lot. The closest thing I've found is this mascara, which is an almost ridiculous $4.99. For something that provides such amazing volume, it's not at all clumpy, and it lasts all day without flaking, rubbing off, or irritating my eyes. It has a whopping 252k reviews (and counting), which tells you something. 

Weleda Skin Food

I recently saw an article based on a viral social media post saying that this cream is basically a dupe of Creme de la Mer. I feel like that comparison is insulting, because this stuff is way better than Creme de la Mer. First of all, it's not full of petroleum, and second of all, it gives your skin a nice, healthy glow. Best part: it's a fraction of the cost, so you won't feel bad using it on your elbows, heels, cuticles, or any other body part in need of major moisture. That said, it is THICK, so use sparingly. 

Klorane dry shampoo

I've used and loved this dry shampoo for years, but it's not always the easiest to find in stores. Instead, I had been using a similar product by another brand, but after supply-chain issues caused it to be backordered for months, I switched back to this and promptly wondered why I ever stopped using it. It's light as air and absorbs grease without any chalkiness or residue, plus it's non-aerosol (and clean!) making it much better for the environment. 

MAXSOFT scalp massager

You know how amazing it feels to get your scalp massaged when you get your hair washed at the salon? Okay, this little gadget doesn't come nearly as close, but it's pretty damn good, and I feel like my hair looks cleaner, thicker, and shinier after I use it. Also, it's an excuse to stay in the shower for an extra minute or two, which I will take. 


ℓaiℓa said...

These look so good, thank you for sharing!
It's cool these are all on Amazon!!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

You've got some of my favorites here. Great round-up. Thanks for linking.

Lovely said...

I need that body oil and mascara.

Laura B said...

I have a scalp massager and LOVE it! That mascara sounds amazing! I need to try it out!

Mica said...

That Klorane dry shampoo is a good one! I went through so much dry shampoo when the boys were little as hair washing wasn't high up in the list of priorities, haha!

Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend :)

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