My 2023 birthday wishlist

Two miraculous things happened with my birthday wishlist last year: one, it was one of the most-viewed posts of the year. Two, due to the incredible generosity of my friends and family, I ended up receiving everything on the list with the exception of the Céline bag, which I had intended to buy for myself (in the interest of fiscal responsibility, I went for a secondhand Chloé Faye instead). I am not quite as optimistic about this year’s wishlist—especially since the stakes are a little higher price-wise—but a girl can dream. Here’s what’s on my radar this year. 

Full disclosure: I already treated myself to this rug, which is clearly proof that I’m in my mid-forties, because who buys themself a rug for their birthday? (I guess I do.) I had been eyeing it for over a year, randomly came across a sale at Lulu & Georgia, and after a stiff margarita last Friday night, decided I was worth it. I’m looking forward to giving my living room a little facelift, and I think this will be just the thing to, as The Dude says, tie the room together. 
1. Jenni Kane x Lulu & Georgia Cabin rug $1,147 (50% off plus an extra 20% off this weekend!) 

La DoubleJ is a Milan-based label that’s not traditionally in my aesthetic wheelhouse; it’s very maximalist in terms of prints, colors, and silhouettes. And yet I find everything they do so striking and unique, not to mention luxurious. I comb the resale sites for their pieces, and I can only hope that this Art Deco–meets–1970s maxi dress turns up in my size. In the meantime, I have a sale alert set up ;) 

 There’s a very well curated housewares store near my apartment called Emily Joubert that’s one of my favorite places to buy gifts (for other people but also for myself). They have the best ornaments during the holidays and I love their selection of coffee-table books, but my favorite section is the bath products. My current obsession is this diffuser, which is also available in candle, soap, and lotion form, but I feel like it will be the perfect spring scent for my newly zhush-ed living room. 

I have a solitaire diamond necklace that was given to me by my grandmother when I was in high school; I think I have worn fewer than 10 times in my entire life. (The stone is too heavy and makes the setting tip over, so you can’t even tell it's a diamond.) I have wanted for ages to have it reset in a Samantha Jones–style middle-finger ring, and think I’ve finally found the place to do it: the Oakland jewelry store Esqueleto, which was recommended by two friends who have fantastic taste. I’m hoping they can re-create this beauty for me, with my stone. 
4. Luana Coonen ring  $1,540

Last summer, I became a belt bag person while traveling. I wore the living daylights out of mine until the springs fell out of the clasp and rendered it irreparable (I may have shed a tear when this happened). I am willing to recommit—and upgrade—so of course I’m into this studded Isabel Marant beauty, which is polished enough to look like an actual purse when worn crossbody or on the shoulder. Of all the items in this post, this is #1 on my list of priorities. 
5. Isabel Marant Skano bag $371(on sale)


Joanne said...

I hope you manage to get everything from your wish list again this year!

Kellyann Rohr said...

How nice that you got everything last year AND the post was so popular, hope you have the same good fortune again this year!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I wished I got everything from my wishlist! Lol. Love that dress!

Miti said...

Love the beige tones! have a happy birthday ahead!

lots of love, Miri

Laura B said...

I hope you get everything on your list anyway! That dress and the ring are especially gorgeous!


This is lovely dear.

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

How fun that you got everything on your list last year! Love everything on your wishlist, especially that dress and ring!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Some very covetable items there! Love the rug - great taste. Thanks for linking and have a good weekend.

Mica said...

While that maxi dress is definitely out of my budget, it is so beautiful and I hope you do end up getting it and all the other items you want for your birthday - it would be a very happy birthday indeed! :)

Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love the wishlist! That dress is pretty amazing! I bought a belt bag for Italy I didn't get to use, but will for travels this year .Love the one you shared.
thanks for linking!
jess xx