What to wear on date night

 Is it me or has all of the marketing around Valentine's Day gotten a little toned down recently? I feel like I used to be inundated with emails and sponsored posts and pitches and ads—and I still see them, of course—but now, if anything, the tone seems to have shifted to an empowered one (buy your own diamonds!) and/or a more low-key one (date night looks to love). I realize I've done a lot of Valentine's Day outfit posts, including a Galentine's Day last year, and since it's been a whopping six years since I've done a date-night post (and oof is that one outdated!) I thought now would be a good time for an update. Also, we rarely go out on Valentine's Day; if anything, we tend to stay in and cook a nice meal at home since restaurants tend to be a sh*tshow on V-day. So since it's still February—and still cold here—this one is on the cozy side. Here's what I'm wearing on date night. 

Zara double-breasted blazer

You've seen this jacket a few times here before—on Galentine's Day and most recently with straight-leg jeans—and I think it's ideal for date night because it's so structured and almost masculine in feel. In other words, it sets up a kind of gender-fluid, masculine-feminine contrast. It's got some mega-padded shoulders, which I appreciate (mine are quite narrow IRL), and I think it's really well made considering it's from Zara. (As I noted before, I was looking to invest in a more high-end blazer, but even the $900 options were polyester!) Just make sure you size up, as the arms run super narrow—I'm in a large. 

Quince silk midi skirt (use this link for $20 off)

I just featured this in December, but it's so good, I wanted to show it again. Plus, it's just so damn soft (although, full disclosure, it wrinkles quite a bit). It's so slinky and fluid, it's the perfect contrast to the structure of the double-breasted blazer. Plus, there's something that's just so sensual about silk—I feel like it makes you very aware of your body, in the best possible way. I think this skirt is super flattering; I am wearing a medium, and while it's clingy, it's not at all tight, and it has an elastic waistband, which is key with a bias cut like this. 

Equipment V-neck cashmere sweater with Isabel Marant Lecce belt

This is another styling trick I stole from Arielle Charnas, who has a rather impressive collection of belts. The belt helps to define the waist when you're wearing a longer, slouchier sweater that's not tucked in (which would not be possible, considering it's much bulkier than the delicate silk of my skirt). What I love about wearing them together is that the sweater keeps me cozy and warm (especially since there's not much to the skirt) but the knotted detail on the belt keeps the look feeling feminine.  You've seen both of these pieces before (the belt most recently in NYC and the sweater in a totally secondhand outfit); I'm wearing a medium in the sweater for extra slouch, and the belt in a large—I definitely recommend sizing up in the latter.

Isabel Marant Dernee boots

I wear these all the time IRL but have only featured them once here (also on Galentine's Day)—I feel like they maybe don't photograph so well, but they're pretty comfy as far as pointy-toe heeled boots go, and while the height is kind of weird—taller than an ankle boot but shorter than a knee-high boot—I think it works really well with midi skirts like this one. These run true to size—I'm wearing my regular 39 (I'm almost always a US 8.5)—and, for the record, I think they look great with pants too, if that's your date-night vibe ;) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara double-breasted blazer | Equipment V-neck cashmere sweater | Isabel Marant Lecce belt | Quince silk midi skirt (get $20 off)| Isabel Marant Dernee boots



The blazer is so classy. You look amazing.

Laura B said...

I love this outfit on you! That skirt and blazer look wonderful together!